Our experience in the market and our cooperation with Sales executives, has shown that sales trainings:

  • Are necessary but often theoretical
  • Include well-known methodologies, which however remain the same for the last decades and do not adapt to the modern trends and changes of the market and buyers
  • Are positively perceived by the sales teams, but are not linked to measurable results
  • They convey useful information, however they are not sufficient to change daily routines

So, what should be the next day in sales trainings? KPMG in collaboration with ClozeLoop Inc comes to implement an innovative Sales training methodology, SALESCOPE.

The SALESCOPE methodology is based on 3 main pillars:

salescope pillars

Watch the video to find out more about SALEScope:

Pillar 1: Market Mastery

We bring together different groups and roles of your organization whether it is Sales, Marketing, Financial or Commercial management and generally anyone involved with the image of your organization.

We talk about roles, personalities, our competitive advantage, our target market, our performance. We look at who we are reaching out to, how we can convey our values in a conversation and how we stand against the competition.

Given that most buying decisions involve more than one person, all parts of your business that support sales need to be able to work together in harmony to achieve sales goals and be sure that everyone is delivering the right message to the market.

Some of the areas where this methodology will make a difference are:

  • Market Segmentation
  • Competition analysis
  • Sales efficiency
  • Upselling & Cross-selling

Through the tools that are included in the methodology, you will clearly define your competitive advantages, you will get to know your competition better, and also your customers

institute salescope

Pillar 2: Sales Mastery - Triangle Selling

In the sales process, knowing what to do and doing it are two different things. Triangle Selling is a modern and effective sales methodology, with frameworks that support your entire sales process.

We're not focusing on just giving more knowledge, but on helping your team execute flawlessly. Teams win and bring results through execution. There are 8 basic rules that your team should follow to have an accurate and efficient implementation of your sales strategy.

If your team uses any combination of phone, video, chatbot, data, social media, or email to increase their sales, then Triangle Selling is the methodology to choose to optimize your productivity results.

See immediate improvement in the following areas:

  • Prospecting (Cold Calling, Email, Social, Video) & Inbound Customers
  • Needs Analysis and fast decision-making process
  • Reveal available resources and manage buyer resistance
  • Securing and creating a flow of referrals – new clients

The Triangle Selling methodology was created to provide synergy between Strategic Planning and Results, with clear frameworks aimed at activating the frontline manager to align with the organization's goals. 

Through the tools that are included in the methodology, you will learn how to build strong ties with your customers and also to accurately identify their needs.

institute salescope pillar 2

Pillar 3: Coach Mastery

Coaching is the activity that has the greatest impact on individual performance in a team environment, and this is especially true in sales. A manager as a sales coach observes performance, identifies a challenge, and works to quickly make a person better.

Training that is not supported by frameworks that equip a manager to effectively manage his/her team is a waste of time and money. Through Coach Mastery we ensure that in the team there is an open and effective communication, transparency, commitment to the goal and constructive feedback. The C.O.A.C.H framework has been created for today's teams as a tool that does not require a large time commitment and at the same time can give immediate high results.

Through this training you will be able to:

  • Recognize the challenges your partner may be facing that affect their performance
  • Create Effective Action Plans
  • Identify the positive and negative consequences of each plan he will implement
  • Ensure that you are accessible and can ask for your help at any time.
institute salescope pillar 3