KPMG and Microsoft Business Solutions

KPMG delivers Microsoft Dynamics 365 services with the strategic implementation and business advice you need. Our specialist Dynamics 365 team will bring the power of the cloud to your operations. With their extensive experience of technology-led transformations, they’ll help you to optimize your business processes, and get the most from your digital investments.

Why Dynamics 365?

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s complete ERP and CRM platform. Its intelligent applications combine seamlessly to transform finance, operations, customer engagement, talent management, data analytics and insight.
Flexible and scalable, Dynamics 365 allows you to embrace the cloud – enabling you to:

  • Replace your legacy systems

  • Seamlessly integrate your systems and applications

  • Standardize and automate your business processes

  • Foster better collaboration

  • Leverage customer data to gain greater insight

  • Dramatically reduce back-office costs

  • With this adaptable single platform approach, your organization is able to enjoy the benefits of a unified experience for back, middle, and front office transformations.


We work with you to make your key business functions relevant for the future and responsive to customer needs. Our proven Powered Enterprise methodology focuses on organizational design, technology and operating models used within these functions and redesigns them as required. Our Powered assets let you tap into advanced processes, operating models, implementation methods and tools.

KPMG’s dedicated Dynamics 365 team will work shoulder to shoulder with you to:

  • Deploy powerful technology that has a lasting impact on business performance

  • Accelerate your digital transformation using innovative methodologies and industry best practice (Powered Enterprise)

  • Provide global insight combined with local consulting and technology capabilities

  • Bring you the benefits of our deep Microsoft and Dynamics 365 expertise

  • Forge a lasting collaboration that drives long-term success

As you embark on the journey to outmaneuver the competition you can rely on KPMG and our business-first approach to deliver practical and effective Microsoft-based technology and solutions that help clients achieve meaningful business outcomes. KPMG and Microsoft combine our strengths to help clients grow profitable revenue, optimize resource allocation and asset utilization, and align sales, marketing, and services to strengthen customer acquisition, interaction, and retention.

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