Advisory Services for Shipping & Ports

Advisory Services for Shipping & Ports

KPMG’s integrated team of specialists works at record speeds to help you find and drive value throughout your transformation and transaction lifecycle

KPMG’s integrated team of specialists works at record speeds to help you find ...

Our shipping specialists have, the drive and deep knowledge, understanding and yeas of experience of maritime issues to provide a wide range of services enabling them to provide a wide array of services helping our clients reach their goals.

Advisory services

  • Buy side or sell side valuations 
  • Fairness Opinion valuations for regulatory purposes 
  • Impairment testing valuation for financial reporting purposes
  • Financial Instruments valuation 
  • Stock option plans valuation  

Risk consulting 

  • Risk management advisory services 
  • Internal audit services (co-sourcing / outsourcing, IA diagnostic, IA transformation)
  • Quality Assessment of the Internal Audit Function
  • Review of internal controls (e.g. SOX404 compliance) or internal control system
  • Development, design and testing of internal controls 
  • Corporate governance services
  • Sustainability / CSR Reports

Forensic services

  • Dispute Advisory Services 
  • Forensic Technology Services
  • Fraud Risk Management
  • Investigations, Intellectual Property
  • Regulatory including anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption

People services

  • Human Resources Strategy (Key Human Resources Policies, Culture and Change Management)
  • Executive Search & Selection (Mapping, Searching, Evaluating and Selecting Candidates)
  • Performance  and Reward Management (Systems, Compensation and Benefits Surveys, Benchmarking analysis, Job evaluation and Grading systems)
  • Executive Training  and Development (Trainings, Trainings Academy Set  up, Assessment of Potential, Leadership Development)

Family Business

  • Seven Pylons Services 
    • Planning
    • Governance 
    • Growth 
    • Assurance 
    • Exit 
    • Wealth management 
    • Philanthropy

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