In recent years, new trends and practices have emerged in the labor market, while the needs and priorities of the workforce have changed significantly. Young professionals bring new perceptions and have different personal and professional aspirations from older generations, with whom they are required to co-exist and cooperate.  In this context, recruiting and retaining talented executives is a constant challenge for companies, which is even more intense in specific areas of specialization.

Having identified the imperative for companies to manage this challenge we have developed an umbrella of employer branding services tailored to your goals and priorities as well as the maturity stage of your employer branding strategy. Our services focus on the following areas:

  • Employer brand audit: record current perceptions of specific target audiences of your interest or the general public, identify strong and weak areas of your employer brand.
  • Competition’s mapping: analyze your competitors’ employer brand, what makes them stand out and how you can differentiate your employer brand from theirs. 
  • Candidate personas creation: align your business needs to the skillset required and customize communication and recruitment processes to your target personas.
  • Employer Value Proposition (EVP) development: identify what is special, compelling, and differentiating about your company that you offer to your current and future employees in return for their skills, capabilities and experiences.
  • Review of your recruitment and selection process: find out whether your employer brand is clearly communicated throughout the whole recruitment and selection process and if the administration process is smooth, timely, offering candidates a pleasant and professional experience.
  • Content strategy development for external and internal communication, based on each communication channel’s specific traits as well as your target group’s  characteristics. 
  • Digital media employer branding strategy development: utilize the power of digital media to communicate your messages and build your employer brand in a consistent and measurable way.
  • Internal communication and employee engagement strategy development, with the aim to turn your employees into your best ambassadors.

An essential element for the success of any employer branding activity is the involvement of your management team, which ensures the alignment of the strategy with your vision and business goals, while playing an important role in shaping and maintaining your corporate culture.     

Based on the above-mentioned areas as well as your particular needs, we are ready to support you in shaping an attractive working reality and an exciting narrative, which will resonate with both your current and future workforce.

dimitra spanou

Elsa Stathopoulou

Manager, People Services, Consulting

KPMG in Greece