Attitudes to tax are changing. Organizations of all sizes are ever more exposed to new trends in tax regulation, not just locally but globally.

Attitudes to tax are changing. Organizations of all sizes are ever more exposed...

KPMG is one of the leading providers of Tax services. We respond to clients’ complex business challenges with services that go across industry sectors and national boundaries by working with other member firms within the KPMG International network.

Being at the forefront of change

Throughout the world, attitudes to tax are changing. Organizations are finding that their tax decisions are under scrutiny like never before. Tax authorities are sharing ideas and information in entirely new ways. And companies, both large and small, are ever more exposed to influences that may be shaped by events on the other side of the world. Our Tax practice understands the impact that change can have on all the communities we work in or with – our people, our clients, our prospects, regulators, tax authorities, governments, media and potential recruits. Our clients’ interests are best served by embracing change in a way that benefits all our communities. This collaborative approach will help improve the way tax systems work, meet the needs of both tax payers and policy-makers and satisfy the aspirations of our people.

What we are seeing

  • Regulatory pressure and complexity is increasing, as is greater accountability
  • Accuracy on compliance is more important than ever
  • Tax authorities are collaborating and are likely to move to global standards
  • Countries are competing for international investment and tax income; Assets are being moved around the world more quickly
  • Tax is generating unprecedented levels of interest among investors and the media

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