Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking

Compensation & Benefits Benchmarking

KPMG will assist companies' top management to decide the most appropriate reward strategy based on market data

KPMG will assist companies' top management to decide the most appropriate reward...

Human resources are widely recognized as a strategic operation within all organizations. One of the main goals associated with human resource management is to attract and retain top quality and committed staff. In order to ensure an effective remuneration policy and sustain employees’ continuous engagement and commitment to the company to increase results, it is essential to develop an integrated reward management system, encompassing business strategic priorities and market trends. 

We assist top management to decide the following: 

  • compare your current remuneration scheme to that of your main competitors and identify strengths and weaknesses. 
  • provide your company with valuable information on how to attract talented employees or retain key personnel critical to your operations. 
  • ensure transparency and internal justice through the whole remuneration system.

How you will benefit:

  • Enhance your knowledge as an employer by obtaining in-depth information on the compensation & benefits field. 
  • Obtain a clear picture of your company's positions versus market as far as salaries and benefits are concerned. 
  • Understand where your key competitors may excel. 
  • Understand how to positively affect your organization's bottom line. 
  • Interact more proactively and positively within your company.

Customized Surveys (Benchmarking)

KPMG will assist your company to:

  • Compare your own positions based on the survey’s specific job descriptions, versus a sample chosen by you.
  • Obtain in-depth information on a specific issue that is important to your company (i.e. expatriation policy, variable bonus scheme, pension plans, stock options)

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