For KPMG in Greece, our Values lie at the heart of the way we do things. To do the right thing, the right way. Always. They drive our daily behaviors, guide our decisions, and shape our character. They form the foundation of a resilient culture ready to meet challenge with integrity, so we never lose sight of our principal responsibility to protect the public interest. And they propel us forward — through our work and the example we set — as we inspire confidence and empower change throughout the world.

The protection of all information entrusted to us by our clients is essential. The Management and every employee of the company is committed to:

  • Protect client’s confidential information and only use it for proper business purposes
  • Be honest and transparent about our use of confidential information
  • Respect an individual’s privacy and the confidentiality of their personal data, and do not use personal information other than for the purposes for which it was obtained
  • Prohibit the use of information for insider trading
  • Keep assets and resources safe and use them only for appropriate business purposes
  • Respect the intellectual property of KPMG, clients, competitors and third parties.

Our objectives for the efficient and effective management of information security are the following:

  • Regular assessment of the risks associated with information security and cybersecurity and allocation of resources required to mitigate such risks
  • Increased awareness on information security
  • Immediate response to any reported event that may indicate a breach of confidentiality, integrity, or availability.

To achieve these objectives, KPMG in Greece:

  • Provides regular awareness and training sessions to all employees
  • Has assigned an information security management function, with appropriate authority and independence 
  • Ensures compliance with all applicable legal, compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Commits to the continuous implementation and the improvement of the effectiveness of the Information Security Management System.

This policy is communicated to all the employees of KPMG in Greece, to relevant stakeholders and to business associates.