Rapidly evolving client expectations and disruptive technologies are creating an urgent need for companies to undergo their own digital transformation. Today, the most forward-thinking organizations are connecting their front and middle offices to streamline processes in a way that clearly reflects the consumer footprint.  

Microsoft D365 CRM is all about creating transparency, understanding clients’ needs and their preferred client journey in addition to offering them the frictionless, customized experience they're looking for. Since Microsoft's state-of-the-art CRM technology is seamless and empowers clients and users alike, utilizing it will put your business one step ahead of the market. That engenders trust and helps you build a strong relationship with your clients much more easily.

KPMG's CRM specialists assure a return on investment and can work with you during all stages of this digital business transformation: from developing the vision and strategy to tailoring and implementing your business processes, executing the global rollout and even managing the overall program. 

We'll team up with you during every stage of the transformation to lend you a sustainable advantage over your competition. Together, working as a team, we will prepare and empower your organization for the future. 

KPMG's CRM specialists work with you during all stages of the digital business transformation and assure a return on investment.

KPMG Powered Enterprise based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is a client relationship management (CRM) solution that drives sales productivity, service delivery and marketing effectiveness alike. It accomplishes this through social insights, business intelligence, portal solutions, field service capabilities, mobile capabilities, service management, automated campaigns and complete interoperability with the full stack of the Microsoft Ecosystem, which is by far the most holistic solution on the market. 

Based on the companies' long-term partnership, KPMG works together with Microsoft to leverage the very best technology plus decades of sector and industry expertise to usher in the next step in the evolution of enterprise applications. 

KPMG Powered Enterprise combines deep process knowledge with cloud technology, automation and global delivery capabilities to maximize performance, efficiency and value. Pre-built accelerators allow clients to tap straight into advanced organizational design, leading technology, processes, operating models and best-practice approaches. 

KPMG Powered Enterprise for CRM rapidly enables organizations to:

  • gain sales pipeline transparency and elevate sales forecasting to a new level
  • manage and retain clients most efficiently  
  • apply data-driven growth concepts and automation
  • improve data capture, management, and governance

KPMG Powered Enterprise, a full-fledged digital business transformation approach, guarantees a seamless transformation to lift your client relationship management up to the next level. 

Of course, the modular approach introduced by Microsoft for the Dynamics 365 CE cloud solution lays the foundation for our Powered Enterprise solution and augments every module from the get-go with business branch additions native to your business. All additions are constantly refined based on KPMG's client work in every sector of the market as well as valuable input from the business transformation projects described. Most clients start with these modules:

Microsoft Dynamics - D365 Sales

D365 Sales

Empower your BD department with D365 Sales to seamlessly and holistically manage the sales pipeline in real-time and achieve an unprecedented level of  platform transparency. The module helps automate lead generation with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, tracks the entire sales process in business process flows and provides guidance for cross- and up-selling. D365 Sales lets you quickly react to client feedback on all channels, automates rapid reactions and connects the right seller with potential clients at critical decision-making points.

Microsoft Dynamics - D365 Customer Service

D365 Client Service

Embedding D365 client service into your CRM ecosystem will help you proactively manage your client service and improve efficiency by striking the right balance between AI and human interaction. The blend of knowledge-based articles with fully configurable chatbots for initial contact and segregation, all embedded in an omnichannel-capable environment as single entry point, will significantly improve your client service experience for clients and employees alike.

Microsoft Dynamics - D365 Field Service

D365 Field Service

Semi- or fully automated dispatching capabilities that take real-time traffic data into account are only some of the features that will help you improve staff scheduling and efficiency. By providing the right information at the right time on every device – be it mobile or handheld – your organization is taking the first step. The next is to adapt processes based on these insights. Combining just the right data, channels and software tools will give you the edge you need to improve the efficiency of each and every employee so they not only meet clients' expectations, but exceed them.

Microsoft Dynamics - D365 Marketing

D365 Marketing

The D365 Marketing module lets your business shape individual client journeys and personalize the client experience in new ways. Automation based on a client's segment and preferences will free up time for marketing interactions that hinge on human involvement to guide clients from awareness to purchase. The D365 Marketing module comes with a vast toolbox including inherent landing pages, fully automated marketing campaigns, lead scoring, an event portal and insights on all interactions. These are then condensed into a timeline that paints a picture of the client journey stage in mere seconds.


KPMG has Microsoft solutions specialists around the world who will help you achieve more profitable and sustainable growth through client-first thinking. Our preconfigured model brings a proven and pragmatic approach to your CRM transformation by shifting the focus to end-to-end processes, change management as well as data security and governance. Our ability to combine broad technical capabilities with KPMG's deep industry experience lets us go a step beyond what the average system integrator can offer and develop the technology solutions you're looking for.

By adding the experience, knowledge and skillsets of our Microsoft specialists in the ERP domain and power platform, KPMG offers you a holistic view of your operating model that aligns your business processes and data models towards robust, future-proof organizational development. 

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