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As a gateway to Europe for multinational companies (MNCs), Switzerland is a popular choice for companies looking to set up regional or international headquarters. The country offers a stable and highly efficient business environment, has a favorable corporate tax system, excellent quality of life and a top infrastructure. All these aspects support efficient and streamlined headquarters.

Foreign companies wishing to do business in Europe need to clarify a range of questions before setting up regional headquarters, R&D unit, supply chain center or manufacturing plant in Switzerland. KPMG can provide you with valuable responses and insights, even answering questions you had not yet considered.

KPMG Switzerland hosts its own International Headquarters Cluster. Comprising an international network of professionals, the cluster is dedicated to supporting multinational companies (MNCs) with regional or international headquarters in Switzerland. We understand MNCs’ complex operational, regulatory and tax environment and are experienced in navigating change. The cluster uses KPMG’s Value Chain Analysis to help businesses make informed decisions as they transform, expand or (re)locate across Europe, offering a suite of services for MNCs at every stage of their business development journey.

We also have a strong track record in advising various organizations on economic promotion projects to attract foreign direct investments.


  • Market entry and beyond. We support your journey to set up regional or international headquarters or setting up a new one, from market entry to business development and ongoing management. With our broad experience and expertise in the subject, we can tackle all the challenges that you might experience on the way.
  • Value Chain design. Our core competences lie in the analysis and restructuring of the entire value chain of MNCs. Our goal is to help you align efficient and sustainable business and tax models across Europe
  • Supply chain. Create, transport and retain value with the help of our supply chain and logistics experts.
  • Informed choices. Discuss your tax and legal concerns with our professionals as the basis for well-informed decision-making.
  • Knowledge matters. We help you stay on top of data protection requirements and intellectual property rules to protect your assets and reputation.
  • Compliance confidence. Our specialists guide you through the regulatory environment so you can be confident of compliance in and outside Switzerland.

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