Policy and Process Governance

Policy and Process Governance

Help you realise the benefits of effectively managing your policies and processes.

Help you realise the benefits of effectively managing your policies and processes.

There is a greater emphasis on businesses to be agile and stay ahead of the competition. Having effective policies and processes within an organization is the key to unlocking the potential of its value chain, responding to constantly changing business dynamics, and managing its risk exposure.


How we can help

Our Policy and Process Governance (PPG) services aim to assist your organization overcome different challenges and obstacles and help you realize the benefits of effectively managing your policies and processes.


Our services include:

Development or Review of Policies and Procedures

  • Review of policies and processes across the organization (identification of control gaps, inefficiencies, etc.)
  • Policy modelling and alignment
  • Documentation of policies and processes


Development of Policy and Process Management Framework

  • Formalize and develop framework and structure for reviewing policies and processes in view of changes in the external environment, internal organizational changes or changes in strategies:
    • Governance structure for the policy/process management program
    • Methodology and tools to identify and review processes for improvement
    • Performance monitoring mechanism to trigger future review


Policy and Process Management Technology Selection and Implementation

  • Selection of tool/technology (e.g. SharePoint, GRC tools, Oracle Policy Automation)
  • Project Management of technology implementation
  • Change Management (training and communication)


Policy and Process Management Quality Performance Review

  • Identification of key gaps and areas of improvements in existing Policy Management practices
  • Benchmarked existing practices to leading practices within similar industry/operations


Success Stories

Client needs How KPMG helped Outcomes
One of the largest retail malls in the Middle East
A review and re-design of critical customer and tenant related operational processes to achieve the desired level of performance, customer experience, service excellence and governance.

Conducted an operational diagnosis based on interviews with key stakeholders and benchmarking to better industry practices and applicable standards and frameworks.

Conducted focus groups with process owners and content providers to gain an understanding of the processes and identify the key expectation gaps/issues of the mall.

Designed and documented policies and procedures and any related tools and templates needed to deploy the new/revised processes.

Defined and documented any necessary performance indicators to ensure the adoption of the new/revised BPMs and alignment with the customer experience, service excellence and tenant experience objectives.

Conducted handover sessions to assist the client with deployment.

Improved operational processes in terms of internal controls and risk management.

Documented policies and procedures manuals and checklists for ongoing monitoring of mall operations.

Empowerment/authorization matrices developed helped to achieve the appropriate customer experience and governance.

Ongoing change management support (e.g. communication plan) helped to sustain the re-designed operations.

A global shipping and logistics company

A comprehensive set of policy and operational manuals retained in a central depository.

Current documentation of policies and operational manuals are in different forms and formats, and are incomplete and not up-to-date.

A process to maintain and update the manuals consistently.

An assessment of its significant risk areas and how best to manage them without compromising operational efficiency.

Designed an integrated framework for policies and operational framework.

Developed a 'blueprint' for implementing the risk and control self-assessment (RCSA) framework in the company.

Identified the major risk areas in the processes and developed RCSA questionnaire.

Identified process champions for the in-scope processes.

Documented the policies and operational manuals with detailed flowcharts.

Developed the process for centralization and management of the manuals and RCSA questionnaire.

Assisted in evaluating and selecting the best-fit system architecture and development roadmap.

Developed change management plan and conducted training sessions for pilot implementation.

Recommendations provided enabled management to overcome the deficiencies identified within their current self-assessment framework.

Updated policies and operational manuals.

Defined roles and responsibilities of various process owners and users.

Functional specifications have been developed and prioritized.

Change management plan and an effective communication plan helped to raise awareness and achieve practical buy-in throughout the business.

A large local government agency
A detailed study of its key processes to aid in corporate governance and optimize efficiency via usage of appropriate technological platforms.

Conducted focus groups with relevant process owners and content providers to gain deeper understanding of their current process as well as the challenges and issues in achieving the process objectives.

Designed ‘To-Be’ processes based on users’ needs, industry best practices as well as evaluation of the client's business and operating environment.

Facilitated discussions on the design of ‘To-Be’ processes to garner buy-in from process owners and users.

Identified key change issues through various discussion forums with process owners and users.

Interconnectivities between various in-scope processes had been highlighted during the process consultancy. Redundancies and inefficiencies had been eliminated through the design of an end-to-end seamless process flow.

Roles and responsibilities of various process owners and users have been clarified and streamlined through the course of this project.

Key change issues and possible change implementation action plans were highlighted for the client’s consideration during implementation stage.


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