Helping you go beyond the numbers to understand value so you can make optimal decisions for your business.

Helping you go beyond the numbers to understand value so you can make optimal decisions...

Be it planning an acquisition, resolving a dispute involving joint venture partners or raising funds to expand core capabilities, you will need to understand value better so you can make optimal decisions for your business. This value, however, is not only about numbers.

KPMG’s global team of integrated Valuation specialists across our member firms takes a holistic view of value by spending time to understand your business’ dynamics, as well as industry and value drivers. We also draw on our extensive experience to apply relevant valuation methodologies, using our deep industry knowledge and innovative benchmarking tools.

KPMG’s global network of Valuation professionals provide a range of services that cross the deal cycle. These include:

  • Dispute valuation: We offer dispute services related to transactions, including dissolution of joint ventures, determination of price per value under shareholder agreements for good/bad levers as well as non-transactional disputes.
  • Fairness opinions: We help shareholders, the board or the company on the fairness of the price and terms of the transaction, as required by regulatory authorities.
  • Finance support: We can provide advice needed for raising equity or debt financing, including determining the value of equity to be issues to the new partners or shareholders of an entity, or the valuation and equity splits at formation.
  • Independent board advice: We provide independent, objective advice to help determine what the right price is to pay or accept for a business. 
  • Investment and transactional advice: We help you analyze investment or divestment opportunities. This includes guidance on joint ventures and alliances where valuation advice can help in pricing negotiations or in the final investment decision, as well as equity splits at formation or exit. The integration of due diligence findings into the valuation analysis is integral to this process.
  • Restructuring: We help lenders, companies and administrators in the context of restructurings by providing valuation advice and strategic disposal options in connection with Independent Business Reviews and independent valuation opinions for the benefit of an administrator or similar acting party.
  • Venture capital and holding company support: We can help establish the value of unquoted investment portfolios to help venture capitalists and holding companies make strategic investment decisions.

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