For us, innovation begins with great ideas but it does not end there. From capabilities to processes, we inspire our clients to unlock their true potential and work closely to empower them with the ability to disrupt and create something new.

That’s how we help companies to transform for future relevance.


Business model innovation

We design new ways to drive value and revenue with products and services that change the game. We unearth new profit-generating opportunities that set you apart with impact by turning innovative ideas into robust, practical and scalable solutions.

business model innovation

experience design

Experience design

Create stunning customer-centric digital experiences that are out of this world.


Rapidly build new value propositions and aggregate data using emerging technologies to allow predictive business models.


experience design


Simplify business decision-making through meaningful insights which are actionable and truly impactful.

Differentiation enablers

Our suite of solutions enable our clients to solve any challenge. Used individually or in combination, they deliver powerful and long-lasting results.


Unify drives growth by creating new opportunities through the pooling of data within ecosystems of products and services. Richer data can provide a deeper understanding of behaviours and motivations. No more reaching around in the dark and depending on mere gut feel or trend forecasts.

This is incentivised through an ecosystem-centric loyalty programme, powered by our highly liquid coin exchange and data orchestration platform.

Innovation Factory

The KPMG Innovation Factory is an online collaboration tool that facilitates innovation and idea management platform. It has hosted more than 400 challeges globally, generating over 7,000 ideas from 9,000 participants.

The platform enables a diversity of participants to collaborate across boundaries with readily available relevant expertise and knowledge to co-create solutions that are future-ready and future-proof.

How we do it

We enable and empower organisations to transform. From ideation to implementation, we offer an experimental, collaborative and agile way of solving complex business challenges. Our end-to-end, outcome-driven approach ensures we create long-lasting impact for our clients and their customers. Through collaboration and iterative design, we develop practical solutions that can be built, launched and scaled at speed.


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