Convert, earn and burn with our Unify® digital loyalty solution

Companies can now better acquire and engage with their customers
by connecting them with ecosystem partners to boost loyalty processes.

Create engaging customer loyalty apps • Intuitive CRM and loyalty management portals • Seamless system integrations

Key Unify® modules

Empowering partner ecosystem

More than member retention, Unify® focuses on customer member enegagement and advocacy, and is supported by a global partner network


From a complex currency ecosystem to seamless currency exchange model, empower your customers with open digital currencies.

Loyalty CRM

From one-sided transaction model to multi-sided customer-centric experience

Enriched connected real-time dataset

From rewards based on activity and tiers to rewards based on customer "value"

Hyperpersonalisation and gamification

From generic rewards to personalised offerings and experiences, increase customer retention with your target audience, supported by enriched datasets. 

Meet the team

Talal Ikhwan
Head of KPMG Digital Village
KPMG in Singapore


Gregory Franc
Product Owner
KPMG Digital Village
KPMG in Singapore


Priyesh Tungare
Customer Engagement Specialist
KPMG Digital Village
KPMG in Singapore

Michael Cutler
KPMG Digital Village
KPMG in Singapore

Avinash Sadanandan
Solution Architect
KPMG Digital Village
KPMG in Singapore

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