Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services

Provides governance and risk management framework as well as pre-IPO internal controls transformation for family businesses and local enterprises.

Provides governance and risk management framework

As your business grows and the number of employees increases, you may find yourself with an increasing number of challenges. That manual payroll listing seems to have ballooned overnight and you may no longer be able to remember every single employee. Your list of suppliers and customers may have increased many folds and tracking the monies received or paid seems overwhelming. Different employees are doing things differently and you may wish that they have a more structured approach and the list goes on.


How we can help

Having a formalized Governance and Risk Management framework is one of the key building blocks in sustaining organizational success and managing business risks. Our team of professionals have worked with many local enterprises across different industries and we understand the importance of offering our local enterprises with practical solutions.

Our range of services are tailored for local enterprises and we have a disciplined and inclusive approach to Governance and Risk Management. These include:

  • Establishing a formal enterprise risk assessment and assurance framework
  • Internal controls and efficiency review of your business processes
  • Formalization of your existing business practices
  • Continuous audit and monitoring through the use of data analytics
  • Pre listing internal audit services
  • Outsourced internal audit services

KPMG Enterprise strives to be the clear choice, our professionals inspire and enable entrepreneurs, family businesses, and fast growing companies to build great businesses through every stage of their lifecycle.

Our subject matter advisory panels combine the vast and specific industries and sector domain knowledge and experience to act as the sounding board for issues and offer insights into industry best practices. In addition to industry thought leadership, we have functional expertise in the areas of fraud, forensics, transfer pricing, and regulatory compliance in our advisory team. Our people are multi-disciplinary and blend in well in multi-cultural environments.


Internal Controls Transformation for Pre-IPO Companies

A private company looking to list as a public company faces many challenges on the governance and controls front. As a public listed company, it now needs to assert the effectiveness of their system of internal controls to third parties. In addition to this, various regulations and good practice standards demand the company to establish and implement acceptable standards of governance and internal controls to meet the reporting obligations. In achieving this acceptable state of controls consciousness and culture, a significant amount of transformation is required, both at the process level as well as the mindset (people) level.

Leveraging from our decades of experience in risk management and internal controls and our in-depth industry knowledge, our experienced consultants work with companies through this journey of change, helping them transform their companies into an acceptable state.

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