Due to the inevitability of digital transformation, today’s enterprises are facing unprecedented disruption and change that threatens their future viability. The need for combatting volatility due to changing digital landscape, converging industry models and the shifting regulatory environment is expected to become the primary focus for every organisation.

While digital disruption may threaten current businesses practices, it also creates significant opportunities for organisations that are willing to proactively embrace this change. CFOs now need a more nimble, effective, technology and data-driven finance organisation to address this disruption in order to be able to convert these challenges into opportunities.

How we can help

KPMG’s Digital Finance professionals have a proven track record in helping organisations across the region to manage existing risks and capture sustainable business values. We focus on the key elements of transformational change required to position finance as a trusted advisor. Specifically:

  • Accelerating finance transformations with KPMG’s Powered Finance framework, which reduces implementation time, while providing greater certainty and lower risk. The cloud delivery method focuses on what is unique to an industry while providing prescribed process solutions that are common to many companies.
  • Deploying Enterprise Performance Management Solutions using a cloud framework to enhance the return on investments in ERP systems; and data warehouse tools and business intelligence capabilities to provide a comprehensive, integrated decision support platform that can enable finance teams to provide significant business support and value.
  • Helping clients use Robotics Process Automation services to derive both immediate and long-term value via gains in service quality, speed, consistency of results, efficiency, productivity, and agility, coupled with significant cost reduction.
  • Developing Cost Models that allow finance organisations to understand the cost of activities, providing greater insights into funding decisions and to establish stronger partnerships between Finance, IT and business lines.
  • Rethinking the use of Shared Services and Outsourcing to implement more strategic, mixed sourcing practices and migrating certain higher-value activities. This will lead to a reduction in cost yet the ability to support higher levels of organisational efficiency and growth.
Juvanus Tjandra

Juvanus Tjandra

Juvanus Tjandra leads the Digital Finance team at KPMG in Singapore. He has been in the firm’s Advisory practice since 2000, and has extensive experience in finance transformation projects, finance Target Operating Models, Budgeting & Planning, Robotic Process Automation, ERP implementation and shared services & outsourcing.