A strong cyber security strategy should align with the business vision, objectives and innovation projects of an enterprise. When implemented effectively, it can enhance product integrity, customer experience, operations, regulatory compliance, brand reputation, investor confidence and more — turning risk into a competitive advantage.

KPMG in Singapore's Cyber team helps you with tailored solutions for cyber security and data protection. From determining the appropriate levels of acceptable risk, to aligning your information protection agenda with your business and compliance priorities, to building enterprise-wide security strategies that help move your organisation from crisis-mode reactions to proactive, value-added business solutions, we help you carry security throughout your entire organisation.

Our solutions

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Cyber maturity assessment (CMA)

Looks beyond pure technical preparedness against cyber-attacks and takes a rounded view of people, processes and technology. Helps you understand areas of vulnerability, identify and prioritise areas for remediation. Demonstrates corporate and operational compliance that turn information risk into business advantage. 

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Cyber strategy and target operating model development

Establishes security strategies aligned to business objectives, quantifies risks, evaluates true cost and determines the effectiveness of your current security programme.

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Chief information security officer metrics and reporting; including Metrics 360

Develops a comprehensive programme to baseline, measure and report on the health, progress, and value of your cyber security programme.

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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) cyber security

As the lines blur between information technology and operational technology, we can help you safely embrace the challenges faced when integrating different technology sets and turn industrial cyber security into a business enabler.

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Third-party security risk management

Identifies cyber security risks introduced through third-party relationships and helps implement sound monitoring and remediation processes.

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Business resilience

Helps identify and manage disruption risks and reduces your vulnerability to potentially devastating events.

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Information governance

Enables smart decision-making powered by data from across numerous, diverse domains so that your organisation can pursue what it wants to achieve by addressing key value opportunities, risks and costs.

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Privacy services

Helps manage regulatory obligations and enables you to leverage personal information to create value and increase revenue, while meeting the expectations of your customers, employees and vendors.

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