Intellectual Property and Contract Governance

Intellectual Property and Contract Governance

We help clients in their efforts to enhance self-reporting contractual relationships with third parties.

We help clients in their efforts to enhance self-reporting contractual relationships ..

Relationships between business partners are frequently regulated by complex contracts where key terms may not be clearly defined, responsibilities and obligations may be overlooked, or where contractual compliance is not a high priority. Relying on these third parties to self-report creates a significant risk of non-compliance.


How we can help

Our Intellectual Property & Contract Governance (IPCG) team helps clients govern self-reporting aspects of contractual relationships. Our involvement can be frequently triggered by a 'right to audit' clause. As an impartial, objective party, we seek relevant facts in a non-adversarial manner to bring measurable value to our clients whilst maintaining a healthy relationship with the business partner concerned.

Using our established methodology and independent approach, we help clients enhance self-reporting contractual relationships with third parties, such as royalties arising from patent, copyright, trademark, trade secrets or any other self-reporting arrangements.

Our services include:

  • software end-user license reviews
  • channel reviews
  • royalty reviews
  • supplier reviews
  • software asset management reviews
  • intellectual property management reviews
  • advertising agency reviews
  • third party administrator reviews
  • digital content and distribution reviews
  • investigation and prevention of counterfeiting or other illicit use of IP.

Our approach is aimed at preserving the underlying business relationship, easing third party concerns about fair treatment and the confidentiality of its information.

Our clients can benefit from:

  • greater transparency in third party relationships, reducing mistrust, clarifying facts and achieving contract objectives
  • addressing contract compliance risks
  • increasing revenues (or reducing costs), now and in the future
  • advice on the management of key assets such as intellectual property, brands and software

We understand the dynamics of business partner relationships and associated complexities. We have helped business partners across a range of industries to understand and manage the terms of their agreements, and to establish compliance reviews as a routine control measure.

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