In today's rapidly changing environment, every company faces challenges and adversities. A step in the wrong direction and a delay in addressing immediate liquidity crisis can have significant effects on corporate performance and company value.

Whether you are dealing with a liquidity crisis or transforming your business to respond to long-term market disruptions, you need an advisor that understands how to get you where you want to be, navigate liquidity and who understands the different financial opportunities for your organisation in your particular market. Most importantly, you need an advisor that strives to go beyond the ‘deal’ or ‘report’ to give your decision-makers the ideas, strategies and execution capabilities that can enable you to turn your adversity into opportunity.

By choosing KPMG to guide you through your crisis or transformation, you are choosing to accelerate your time to resolution, and tap into deep industry, sectoral experience and an established global network of over 1,200 professionals.

Don’t wait for disruption to become a crisis. Let’s get you back to driving growth. 

When a company faces operational or financial challenges, speed is of essence. We provide a seamless approach to stabilising underperforming companies by identifying opportunities for strategic, operational, organisational and financial change, and executing on them to achieve real results. We help establish solid ground for a turnaround by assessing your liquidity position and creating a stakeholder management plan.

We will guide you through each phase of the turnaround process — from establishing an early plan of action that clearly explains what needs to happen when, to developing a turnaround plan that balances the different priorities of all stakeholders, all the way through to execution and value realisation.

As we drive a rapid turnaround to meet stakeholder objectives, we focus on the key questions that will help you create a leaner, more flexible and far more competitive company.

Options identification - How can I quickly and effectively assess all my options?

Stabilisation - How can I stabilise the business and assess its financial position?

Transformation strategy - What financial impact might I realise with the various options?

Execution - How can I execute my turnaround plan?

Value realisation - How can I make sure my plan delivers value?

How we can help

  • Asset divestment
  • Board-level and specialist advisory
  • Crisis cash management and working capital management (cash tech)
  • Rapid cost reduction
  • Rapid assessment of options
  • Strategy-to-execution business improvement
  • Treasury services
  • Turnaround planning and execution

In distressed situations, stakeholders (debtors and lenders) want to protect their position and provide a stable platform to the company. Our professionals are forward-looking specialists who combine strategic financial advice and deep sector knowledge with the foresight that comes from experience. We help you create an action plan for the pre- and post-financial restructuring process, along with contingency plans. We also provide strategic financial advice for fast decision-making and assessing short-term liquidity requirements, and consider actions to quickly preserve value.

Our integrated team of specialists help solve complex problems or implement improvements, while helping you focus on the key questions that will strengthen your financial performance. 

Appraisal and stabilisation: Do I have enough liquidity to keep operating?

Options assessment: Do I know what has gone wrong and how to fix it?

Intra-stakeholder negotiations: How do I keep everyone engaged in negotiations?

Development of options: What sustainable capital structure offers the best prospect of success?

Implementation: How can I reconcile all stakeholder positions to implement the new capital structure?

Ongoing monitoring: How do I ensure that the business is supported through its recovery?

How we can help

  • Advice at individual credit and loan portfolio level
  • Analysis of options for restructuring debt
  • Business reviews
  • Distressed financing and refinancing (distressed M&A)
  • Lender assistance
  • Negotiation, deal structuring and implementation support
  • Shareholder management and negotiation 

When a company is in distress, the management team faces many competing challenges. We can help you assess the situation and, if necessary, assist you with developing a practical insolvency plan. Working with you and your stakeholders, we help you identify the path that will maximise available value. We help you assess the impact and risks of various options, identify the right filing jurisdiction and prepare a detailed insolvency plan that optimises stakeholder positions.

Our integrated team of specialists helps you focus on the key questions through the development, implementation and completion of an insolvency.

Distressed corporates: How serious is the problem?

Insolvency planning: What are my options?

Commencing insolvency: What needs to happen when my company is in a formal protection process?

Implementation: How do I maximise value?

Exiting a formal process: How does my company get back to normal?

How we can help

  • Contingency planning
  • Formal appointments (i.e. liquidators, receivers and managers, judicial managers, scheme managers)
  • Tactical use of insolvency procedures
  • Value recovery through insolvency

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Our goal is to help you through your transformation or crisis, and deliver on your business objectives. We combine global expertise, a multidisciplinary approach and experienced on-the-ground professionals to help your organisation preserve value and address risks.

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