Forensic Technology Services

Forensic Technology Services

Improving business performance while maintaining the highest levels of business integrity.

Improving business performance while maintaining the highest levels of business integrity.

There are often many risks and costs involved with evidence and discovery management, and the acquisition, management, and analysis of large data sets.


How we can help

Our Forensic Technology team can provide technology related advise, pre-litigation readiness and expert witness evidence. We can facilitate the collection of information, establishment of chain-of-custody and handling of evidence. We also offer analysis at the data, document and issues level to support forensic investigations and litigation work with industry-specific insight and depth.

Our firms' services include:

Digital Evidence Recovery

Our knowledgeable and experienced team of professionals, coupled with market leading technologies, will be able to help locate, preserve, and recover digital evidence in a legally defensible manner for the purpose of launching or defending against lawsuits or to support administrative actions.

Our methodology and approach is compliant with the Evidence Act and our processes are repeatable and defensible in the most stringent court of law.


Evidence and Discovery Management

Our eDiscovery professionals have the experience and expertise to help clients meet the highest level of compliance and defend against the most complex cases. KPMG’s methodology mirrors the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) and we provide end to end services to help clients respond to both legal and regulatory requests through the collection, processing, analysis and hosting of Electronically Stored Information (ESI).

KPMG uses market leading eDiscovery tools and data is hosted within our Singapore data center.


Cyber Crime Investigations

Our Incident Response service adopts industry’s best practices and acts in the best interest of our client to protect their information assets and reputation. Our incident handlers have the experience and expertise to collect, process and analyse information from a wide range of information sources efficiently. This translates to faster decision making processes and allow our client to respond in an agile manner during an incident. Moreover, KPMG’s end to end service coverage ensures that we have the experience and manpower to support criminal prosecutions and litigation activities which may arise out of cyber incident response investigations.

Apart from incident response, KPMG believes in applying world class cyber intelligence to understand the motivation behind an attack. This allows for customized solution to be developed for our clients. Such solutions are customized to fit our client’s risk posture and business needs. Offerings within the cyber intelligence service line include cyber threat hunting, cyber analytics and bespoke intelligence reports. KPMG’s cyber threat hunting service is a unique offering which deploys a team of subject matter experts within a client’s environment to identify unknown threats that may already be residing within the network. Cyber analytics adopts big data technology and machine learning algorithms to efficiently process system logs, so as to detect patterns and anomalies that may be difficult for a human analyst to pick up. KPMG’s bespoke intelligence report services is only offered to trusted clients, and includes both strategic and tactical information about impending and ongoing cyber attacks.


Data Analytics

We provide tailored technology solutions that help clients to identify fraud risks, waste and abuse. These solutions help clients to prevent unnecessary costs to the business and detect financial and other risks before they lead to financial loss or external investigation.

Our phased strategy and approach combines global consistency with local control, allowing effective coordination of activity in support of complex assignments that span jurisdictions, borders, issues and time. Our forensic technology services are designed to provide controls, cost benefits and broad ranging capability.

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