Licensing Related Services

Licensing Related Services

Assists financial institutions in their license application submissions to meet regulatory expectations.

Assists financial institutions in their license application submissions.

With our deep understanding of regulatory requirements, regulator’s expectations and the end-to-end licensing process, we assist clients in their Banking and Capital Markets License application to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Our services include:

  • conducting workshops with senior executives to identify the strategies, core products and service offerings, and target customer segments for the planned Singapore operations;
  • evaluating the reasonableness of the business plan for the proposed Singapore operations (such as target growth rates);
  • reviewing the license application documents and providing recommendations on areas for improvement;
  • providing post-submission advisory support in responding to MAS’ queries in relation to the license application documents; and
  • developing manuals, policies and procedures for the planned Singapore operations.


Success stories

KPMG has successfully assisted a number of financial institutions domiciled in various jurisdictions in their license applications, including Europe, Japan and the Middle East.

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