Overview of our capabilities

Overview of our capabilities

Provides royalty, software end-user licence, vendor contracts, and reseller and distributor reviews, as well as software asset management services.

Provides software asset management services

Royalty Reviews

Our dedicated professionals not only help clients recover fees but also help strengthen licensing relationships and identify opportunities for mitigating risk.


Software End-User License Reviews

This service monitors license compliance for software vendors, leading to increased current and future licensing and maintenance revenue, as well as offering greater understanding of customer software use.


Vendor Contracts Reviews

Assist clients in the management of their vendor relationships, including examining compliance with Most-Favored Customer clauses, cost or time and materials arrangements, manufacturing outsourcing, ad agency, and pricing arrangements.


Channel (Reseller and Distributor) Reviews

These services help clients enforce their contracts with channel partners to recover under-reporting of payments. They also help enhance compliance systems for contractual obligations.


Software Asset Management

Assist companies in addressing Software Asset Management and IT Asset Management issues, whether as a review of people, process, and technology areas, or specific vendor/brand licensing assistance services.


Success stories and proven track record

  • Assisted a global group of energy and petrochemical companies in identifying and recovering millions of dollars of overcharges from its vendors.
  • Provided channel review services to several worldwide leaders in the hard disk drives industry and networking equipment industry to recover inappropriate payments.


The client requested for provision of teams and processes to successfully execute CPCRs, including visits to vendor premises. The CPCRs will cover adherence to commercial terms and conditions of contract. Also identified commercial opportunities for Company and Vendor improvements.






Obtained base contract and spend data from company systems, and the consolidation and interpretation of this.

Data reconciled/compared with data received from the Vendor.

Checked samples, reconciled invoice accuracy, and aligned with contract terms and conditions and rates.

Calculated over/under charges supporting the case for recovery.

Analyzed root cause and control weaknesses (both vendor and client) which led to over/incorrect payment.

Checked for realization of bonuses/discounts, and most favored customer or similar clauses.

Identified over a million of over-charges by vendors.

The program was planned to be self-financing — often with contractual recoveries in excess of the costs of the program.

Successfully gathered evidence of collaboration between the vendor and sub-contractor in inflation of sub-contract invoices being recharged to the client.

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