Basic - Starters

Basic - Starters

Provides Enterprise Risk Management visioning and awareness; Enterprise Risk Assessments; development of an ERM framework; and change management.

Provides Enterprise Risk Management visioning and awareness

Every successful Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) transformation project should start with the end in mind. It is essential that organizations first establish a clear 'vision' of their ERM objectives and aspirations before putting in place the foundations of ERM. This includes the governance structure around the four lines of defense, risk policies and procedures, and ‘people’ initiatives to educate and build risk management capabilities.


How we can help

ERM Visioning and Awareness

  • Facilitate 'visioning' of the objective of ERM in an organization
  • Educate on ERM better practices and recipes for success


Enterprise Risk Assessment

  • Develop risk appetite statements and tolerance metrics to drive risk management activities and align risk behaviors across the organization 
  • Conduct risk assessment (including controls/action plans)


Development of ERM Framework

  • Formalize and document the framework to govern and direct ERM activities, including all the key foundations and pillars of ERM put in place


Change Management

  • Conduct trainings to selected stakeholders (e.g. management) to raise overall ERM awareness


Success Stories

  • Risk awareness workshops and trainings for large conglomerates, shipping companies, insurance companies, educational institutions, government agencies and large property developers both in Asia and the Middle East.
  • Customized e-learning awareness courses for various organizations.
  • Partnered a wide range of clients from both public and private sectors to develop and communicate basic risk appetite and tolerance limits. 
  • Conducted Enterprise Risk Assessment and risk analysis for more than 100 different organizations across specialist industries and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • Recommended action plans to address risk issues that resulted in quick wins for clients.
  • Reviewed complex risk governance structure of one of the largest real estate organization in the world, improving both effectiveness and efficiency.

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