Corporate Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence

We help clients obtain up-to-date and accurate intelligence about the people and organizations they are dealing with.

We help clients obtain up-to-date and accurate intelligence ..

Assessing the integrity and reputation of a company or an individual is important before making any major decision as the lack of which may result in damaging consequences.


How we can help

We specialize in the assimilation of valuable, publicly and non-publicly held information from around the globe to help companies assess the risks, strengths and potential weaknesses in new opportunities, or to verify representations made by companies and individuals. We also highlight issues of concern that may potentially cause reputational or financial damage to an organization and its stakeholders.

Our services include:

  • Integrity due diligence - providing information on the background, track record, reputation and integrity of prospective business partners.
  • Investigations support - support for fraud, asset tracing and other problem-solving investigations.
  • Litigation support - support for litigators and counsel in complex international arbitration and litigation.

The due diligence offered by our Corporate Intelligence team provides independent and objective information in anticipation of major business decisions. It is often utilized prior to investments, acquisitions and joint ventures. It is important in domestic markets and critical in emerging markets, where information can be difficult to obtain and where business risks can be large. Our services complement the financial and legal due diligence undertaken by mainstream advisers by providing clients with additional information and assurance.

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