Mature - Movers

Mature - Movers

Provides risk analytics and modelling; ERM/GRC technology selection and implementation; and develop ERM culture and capabilities programs.

Provides risk analytics and modelling; ERM/GRC technology selection and implementation

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) transformation involves cascading the risk management measures to operational level. Organizations need to establish monitoring mechanisms/tools to manage risks on an ongoing basis, and change management programs to further strengthen the 'risk culture'.


How we can help

Risk Analytics and Modelling

  • Establish baseline and 'good to have' data to be collected and analyzed 
  • Develop the framework and process to collect and analyze the data necessary to enhance decision making 
  • Develop Key Risk Indicators, mapped to the risk appetite and tolerance metrics


Incidents, Near-Miss and Exceptions Management (INME)

  • Develop framework and processes for managing, analyzing and reporting incidents, near-miss and exceptions
  • Integrate INME program outcomes to the existing risk management activities


ERM Culture and Capabilities Programme

  • Develop ERM change management plan (communication plan, competency roadmap, etc.)
  • Implement change management plan (conduct trainings , develop communiqués, etc.)


Policy and Process Management

  • Develop framework and process to review policies and processes following any change in the external environment, internal organizational changes or changes in strategies
  • Map key risks to policies and processes, and identify areas of weaknesses


ERM/GRC Technology Selection and Implementation

  • Develop GRC strategy
  • Selection and implementation of GRC technology


Success Stories

  • Assisted several large property developers in Singapore in the review of internal policies and processes vis-à-vis risks identified in its critical processes, and provided recommendations for areas of improvement.
  • Delivered ERM trainings and change management programs to statutory boards, government agencies, and large property developers in Asia and Middle East, to cascade risk management knowledge to the staff.

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