We understand the challenges that cybersecurity leaders encounter in managing their security function, from ensuring regulatory compliance to coping with limited subject matter expertise and resources. Additionally, some organisations find it challenging to attain the same level of cybersecurity maturity as larger counterparts. Recognising these challenges, KPMG has developed a range of managed services offerings to enable our clients to access much-needed expertise for dealing with regulatory compliance obligations, third-party risks, vulnerabilities, and cyber threats in a structured, cost-efficient manner.

Serenity and risk

Increasing client’s cybersecurity resilience, performance and agility by aligning their cyber posture to business priorities and existing compliance requirements.

Resilience and agility

Developing an approach that helps clients strike a balance between security and agility by adapting cyber measures to deter, limit and counter attacks seamlessly.

Threat and opportunity

Our threat intelligence and analytics capabilities are aimed at helping organisations rethink their cybersecurity strategies by using risk as a way to power performance.

Build cyber resilience inside out with our suite of services

Explore new possibilities with us. Pick the strategy that best suits your organisational security needs and take your cyber posture to the next level

Stay on top of CII regulations

The Cybersecurity Code of Practice (CCoP) for Critical Infrastructure Information (CII) requires owners to meet a range of new compliance requirements which we offer a master service agreement that helps programme manage for keeping up with evolving requirements. Recoginising the importance of automated compliance monitoring for multiple assets against the CCoP, e.g. assessment timelines, remediation actions, and responsible parties along with the ability to provide management with a dashboard status overview, we have developed the KPMG’s CII Monitoring Tool (CMT) to help achieve this.

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Seamless, secure and synergised

Providing wide-range, tailored CISO-as-a-Service ranging from security governance, policy/standards updates, cyber risk assessments and security audits, board and exec-level briefings to table-top exercises.

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Use powerful insights to make better cyber risk management decisions

Using threat scenario-driven approach on our KPMG Cyber Risk Insights solution, we help to more accurately assess the likelihood and impact of cyber attacks so as to express cyber risk quantitatively, make investment cases to the board, and determine optimal investment portfolios.

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Protect what matters

In a perilous digital age where cyber threats are on the rise, data loss prevention (DLP) is critical.

At KPMG in Singapore, we work with you to defend and secure sensitive information under your organisation’s control. Our DLP services focus on three key areas across regulatory compliance, monitoring and risk management.

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Bringing together the best of human and the best of tech

Proactively detects, responds, and contains threats effectively and efficiently with skilled security resources, technology, and relevant insights on how and when you need it. 

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Protect your business as it transforms

KPMG’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions adopt an organisation-focused, comprehensive approach that safeguards and streamlines identity management by building resilience and mitigating risk across critical areas of your value chain.

Our industry-leading managed services professionals can help you strengthen IAM controls through review and redesign of IAM Target Operating Model, streamline IAM platform, optimise business operations and provide continuous improvements.

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Achieve your goals securely in a dynamic, digital world

KPMG provides year-long tailored phishing simulation experience with platform integration and cybersecurity learning curriculum that incorporates proven adult learning methodologies to help address existing and emerging cyber threats.

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From uncertainty to unparalleled

KPMG manages third-party risk by ensuring that third parties align with regulatory standards, security protocols, and contractual obligations. This is achieved through the design of a third-party risk management framework, performing third-party risk and control assessments, and implementing end-to-end automated dashboards and reports for management consumption, along with continuous risk monitoring.

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Keep tabs on evolving threats

KPMG offers a year-long program that provides continuous monitoring to help clients identify their risk exposure. This monitoring includes the tracking of dark web forums, compromised systems, credential leakages, and potential domain infringements.

We sift through raw data, conduct incident triage and report threats to your enterprise, so you are free to focus on what matters: your business.

Cyber response

Plan, pioritise and prepare for the digital future ahead

KPMG provides vulnerability assessment and penetration tests of IT infrastructure and assets over year-long program along with a central dashboard for Management to understand the key risks in their business, and to monitor and track them effectively.

Our advanced attack surface monitoring capabilities also empower you to seamlessly identify risks and mitigate cyber threats, whether they are planned, imminent or actively underway.

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