Boost your cyber defence capabilities with KPMG-Microsoft security


KPMG combines cyber security, data management and industry experience with Microsoft’s technology to help clients improve their business protection.

In today’s digital world, decision-makers can’t afford to be held back by cyber risks. You need to make bold decisions and feel confident that your cyber strategy, defences and recovery capabilities will protect your business and support your growth strategies.

Combining KPMG's cyber security, incident response and industry experience with Microsoft's advanced cyber security technologies enables us to deliver wide-ranging security solutions for the security of your organisation and business goals.

Our broad knowledge and experience in data governance and policy-based access, combined with Microsoft Azure, can help you improve the security of your data without the burden of complexity for your customers or clients.

Information and data loss protection

With information protection and sensitivity labels, organisations can intelligently classify and help protect sensitive content while making sure that productivity and ability to collaborate is not hindered. Combined with data loss protection, the accidental oversharing of sensitive information can be prevented.

Our security offering with Microsoft Information Protection is designed to help businesses with data discovery, classification, product labelling and the application of policies across the information life cycle. KPMG supports these services with detailed analysis and assessment of classification labels identified, implementation of labels, policies and protection for users and endpoints.

Azure Sentinel

The attack surface for organisations is growing, as the volume of digital data continues to increase. This increases the complexity of cloud operations and security and cyber security monitoring for organisations.

To enable organisations to stay in control, Microsoft has developed Azure Sentinel. Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native security information and event manager (SIEM) platform that uses built-in artificial intelligence (AI) to help analyse large volumes of data across an enterprise quickly and can connect to data from numerous sources.

Our security offering with Microsoft Azure Sentinel is designed to help businesses improve their security monitoring and incident response capabilities by combining KPMG's incident response, threat hunting and industry experience with Microsoft's advanced cyber security technologies.

KPMG can help organisations determine the security operations ecosystem that best fits their business requirements and design a security operations transformation program to help meet these requirements. As part of this transformation program, KPMG supports organisations in integrating Azure Sentinel into their processes and procedures and can provide custom playbooks for top threats or machine learning models to fit their specific needs.

Compliance and identity integration

Starting with design and implementation of conditional access, organisations can control who accesses their data and under what conditions.

KPMG helps organisations design and implement data classification, both for on-premises software using Azure Information Protection and in the cloud using Cloud App Security. In addition, KPMG enables organisations to remain in control of their data in the cloud by addressing shadow IT with Cloud App Security.

This joint offering empowers clients to manage their data effectively and securely by combining KPMG's identity and access management, data management and industry experience with Microsoft's technology.

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