Your organization will have its own specific challenges, strategic priorities and goals. But many of the questions your board is asking are on the agenda of other companies’ boards as well.

Our dedicated platform for business leaders enables you to exchange at the highest level with a network of peers and KPMG representatives. We create communities of like-minded people and provide opportunities to share experience and meaningful conversations.

Have a look at the following communities.

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Board Leadership Circle

We bring together high-level board members to discuss board issues of the future.

The Board Leadership Circle is an exclusive network of selected high-level board members of listed companies in Switzerland. Members generally hold multiple board mandates and draw on this breadth of experience to discuss the most pressing emerging issues.

KPMG invites members of the Board Leadership Circle to get together several times a year at small thematic roundtables, panel discussions or virtual meetings on current and future topics. Members get to explore issues on the board agenda, and benefit from the different backgrounds and experience of their peers.

If you qualify for the mentioned criteria and would like to join the Board Leadership Circle, please contact us. Applications for membership are reviewed by a committee.

Board Leadership Circle – Banking Chapter

We offer a dedicated platform for board members of cantonal and regional banks, providing them with an opportunity for regular exchange within an intimate circle of peers. Join thematic roundtables, panel discussions, or peer dinners while simultaneously enhancing your expertise in the following key areas:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Regulation and Risk Management
  • Board Effectiveness and Competencies
  • Industry Trends

Feeling interested? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Women's Network

We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion.

At KPMG, we support female board members in connecting with peers and advancing visionary corporate governance. KPMG supports several organizations and initiatives that promote women in business. We also provide dedicated networking opportunities and platforms as part of our commitment to cultivate diversity.

In addition, boards should seek to achieve diversity in the widest sense. Beyond gender and racial diversity, diversity in skills, thought, experience and background are critical. Board composition should evolve to reflect the changing business and societal environment if the board is going to be effective in his role.

We have met many high-caliber women who are successful at the highest level of management. Read about their challenges and visions: 

Women's Board Award 2022

For the fourth time in a row, the award ceremony of the Women’s Board Award took place in Zurich.

The jury presented this year's award to Nadja Lang, who has already proven her leadership experience as a board member in leading Swiss companies.

KPMG congratulates Nadja Lang on this award.

The award recognizes deserving female board members who have the potential to become Chair of the Board. Candidates must have served for at least five years as a member of the board of directors of a renowned company and made a major contribution to the value of the organization during that time.

At KPMG we believe that gender equality brings added value to our company, employees, clients and society. This is why we are again partner of the Woman’s Board Award 2022.


WomenCorporateDirectors (WCD) is the world’s largest membership organization and community of women corporate board directors. Through events, publications, and tools addressing the latest news and trends in business and governance, WCD inspires and educates board leaders – and raises the bar for board service in public and large private companies globally.  KPMG has been global lead sponsor of WCD for many years.

WCD members are among the world’s most powerful and influential businesswomen – they represent a global business elite. Members include CEOs, board chairmen, lead directors, C-Suite executives, board members, and heads of global divisions in the major indices, such as S&P 500, FTSE 250, DAX, Nikkei, and beyond.

Mission of WCD

As the preeminent organization for women directors globally, WCD seeks to:

  • Foster a powerful, trusted and global community of women corporate directors that meet specific and objective criteria.
  • Increase representation of women on public and large private company boards and in board leadership positions.
  • Increase the pipeline of aspiring and qualified female board candidates.
  • Inspire visionary boards worldwide – by providing education and tools that keep members engaged, informed, and high-performing as directors.

WCD Swiss Chapter

The WCD Swiss Chapter is one of the 79 global chapters around the world – and the number is growing on an annual basis. In Switzerland, KPMG organizes networking events on a regular basis together with Spencer Stuart to exchange and discuss hot topics for board members in an "off the record" atmosphere. More information is available at

If you would like to contact the WCD Swiss Chapter please use:

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