Swiss GAAP FER gives companies a framework for informative financial reporting. The standards are suitable for companies listed in Switzerland, corporate groups with a national presence and SMEs.

Swiss GAAP FER has a modular structure (core FER, full Swiss GAAP FER, listed companies), which makes it suitable for companies of different sizes.

There are also industry-specific standards governing accounting and reporting for staff pension funds, insurers and not-for-profit organizations.

Smaller organizations (total assets up to CHF 10 million, revenue up to CHF 20 million, up to 50 FTEs) may limit themselves to the framework and the six key standards (the ‘core FER’).

Larger companies apply all the Swiss GAAP FER standards. Corporate groups are also required to abide by Swiss GAAP FER 30, ‘Consolidated financial statements’, while listed companies have also been obligated to comply with Swiss GAAP FER 31 since 2015. 

Since more and more companies are adopting the Swiss GAAP FER standards, KPMG has released its 10th edition of the Swiss GAAP FER brochure. This brochure provides you with:

  • an overview and summary of the accounting and reporting recommendations and an outlook for ongoing projects
  • an illustrative example of a consolidated financial statement
  • a checklist for annual and consolidated financial statements
    including FER 31 regulations

Swiss GAAP FER 31, the additional accounting and reporting recommendations, regulates the following central areas for listed companies:

  • share-based payment
  • discontinued operations
  • earnings per equity security
  • income taxes
  • liabilities of financial nature
  • segment reporting
  • interim financial reporting

KPMG Swiss GAAP FER expertise & services

  • Advice on picking the right accounting and reporting standard
  • Help with switching annual/consolidated financial statements to Swiss GAAP FER
  • Clarification of issues regarding the implementation of Swiss GAAP FER
  • Auditing of annual/consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with Swiss GAAP FER

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