Increasing globalization and language barriers create ongoing challenges for mitigating third-party risks, be they commercial, reputational, legal or regulatory. Whether you would like to quickly and discretely obtain information on future business relationships or verify employee background information, insights into your third parties are essential for regulatory compliance. Furthermore, it enhances your ability to identify, plan, negotiate and execute strategic undertakings.

Our experienced, forensic-minded people analyze the facts and prepare a concise and comprehensive report to guide your decision-making process. KPMG supports you in mitigating potential risks by providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions.

KPMG's expertise

  • Preparation of Full Enhanced Due Diligence Reports within 2–6 working days
  • Clear and consistent reporting of key risk issues and indications of risk factors
  • Pre-employment Screening and tailor made vetting process
  • Corporate Intelligence Investigations to bring deeper insights into your third-parties’ backgrounds
  • Human Resources Investigations (in cases of discrimination, mobbing, retaliation or harassment), including conducting interviews
  • Asset tracing to identify and trace assets that have been hidden, misappropriated or stolen, or simply gain a better understanding of the asset profile of a business partner, customer or debtor

Client issues

  • Manage third-party relationships: Gain insight into who you are dealing with whether it’s prospective clients, suppliers, new members of the board, financial intermediaries or sales representatives
  • Reduce risk and minimize potential damage by knowing the profile of the third-party (individual or company): What background? Any litigation and adverse press media on former and current business interests? On sanctions or other high risk lists?
  • Deal with cases of discrimination, mobbing, retaliation or harassment that affect your employees’ and organization’s well-being and reputation
  • Hire the right people for the right jobs: Companies do not always perform high-quality background checks. Having a dishonest hired or future employee is a risk of financial loss and reputational damage for your company.

Our approach

  • Full Enhanced Due Diligence Reports: With our full enhanced due diligence, which combines a powerful, proprietary search technology with well-honed, forensically-minded human analysis of findings, you’ll get information on background, adverse press and sanctions imposed on your third parties. You will receive concise and easy to comprehend reports, highlighting key issues and providing clear risk indicators on your third parties. 
  • Pre-Employment Screening: KPMG developed various tools to conduct pre-employment screening to prevent and to detect the risk of insider threats, fraud or embezzlement early. The ultimate goals of pre-employment screening are to ensure a perspective candidate fits your organization and to protect it by knowing with whom you’re about to entrust your clients’ database or industrial know-how before you do it. The tools can be tailored to match your unique requirements.
  • Corporate Intelligence (CI) Investigations: To go one step further, opt for a CI investigation which brings deeper and exhaustive insights into your third-parties’ backgrounds. While this service can be entirely tailored, CI investigation usually covers discreet source inquiries, physical research in local registries or asset tracing in various jurisdictions. CI investigations are recommended for third parties with the most impact on your business such as C-level candidates, major vendors or high-risk clients.
  • Human Resources (HR) Investigations: KPMG will provide you objective insights into an otherwise potentially complex situation in your organization. Acting promptly in case of Human Resources incidents will help your organization to avoid further escalation of issues. We have extensive experience in the set-up of HR investigations, including conducting interviews, securing evidence and providing legal assistance to our clients.

How we have helped our clients

Client challenge


Before onboarding a new client at a bank and to assess the risk profile, a compliance officer is required to perform, under strict deadline, full enhanced due diligence on the new client and the related corporate interests in Indonesia.

KPMG response


Using our Corporate Intelligence network, we collected background details on the individuals such as on the adverse press and media coverage, on the litigations, the exposure to sanctions, the status as politically exposed persons and on the published lists of high risks entities.

In certain jurisdictions as in Indonesia, we retrieved local documents and records that are not readily available via public online sources. Examples of document retrieval included, but are not limited to conducting a company search at a local corporate registry when such information is not available online, obtaining copies of documents (where permissible by law) such as annual return or copies of filed audited financial statements, and obtaining manually documents relating to court cases (where permissible by law) such as a court docket/complaint or affidavit. 

Benefits to client


In a very tight deadline, the client easily accessed to a powerful, proprietary search technology with forensically-minded human risk-based analysis, written in a concise and comprehensive full enhanced due diligence report, which helped the client to make informed decisions and to onboard the new client.

Main sectors & clients

Our clients come from all industries, such as financial services, industrial products, retail, healthcare & life sciences, energy & natural resources, transportation, building, construction & real estate, government, non-for-profits.

Why KPMG Forensic?

Corporate Intelligence Investigations bring deeper insights into your third-parties’ backgrounds. The involvement of KPMG Forensic will help your organization to guarantee independence and to minimize potential conflicts of interest, particularly in the context of HR investigations. Our team shines with a profound preparation of full enhanced due diligence reports, clear and consistent reporting of key risk issues and indications of risk factors as well as pre-employment screening and tailor-made vetting process. 

We are supported by over 40 accredited Forensic practices worldwide, giving us leverage if the complexity and nature of a case requires a multidisciplinary, extraterritorial approach. The coordination is carried out discreetly by your personal contact according to your needs.