Our clients

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Our clients

How we’re helping to build sustainable, resilient, and purpose-led organisations for today and tomorrow.

We want to be a force for good, helping organisations to build a more sustainable and equitable future for us all.

Our commitments

We are committed to a multidisciplinary model and believe it is core to our past and future success.
As a purpose-driven firm, we have a fundamental duty to serve the public interest and build trust.
ESG will become the watermark that runs throughout our firm.

We are committed to a multidisciplinary model

By working together across Audit, Advisory, and Tax and Legal, we’re able to best serve our clients, meet quality standards and provide opportunities for our people to thrive.

Our clients, and the entities we audit, face increasingly complex and interwoven business problems. Our multidisciplinary model gives them access to a broad range of services, expertise, and ideas when they need them most as part of a fully integrated solution. The approach we take is core to our purpose – to inspire confidence and empower change – and to building public trust.

1At the end of an engagement, clients are sent a survey and asked: “How likely are you to recommend KPMG to a friend or colleague?”. Answers are given on a 0 to 10 scale, with clients scoring 0 to 6 being considered a “Detractor”, clients scoring 7 to 8 as “Passive”, and clients scoring 9 to 10 as a “Promoter”. The Net Promoter Score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of “Detractor” feedback from the percentage of “Promoter” feedback. The Net Promoter Score can therefore range from -100 to +100.

Net Promoter Score / +541 FY23 (FY22: +58)


Following the UK signing the Climate Change Act, we are the first major economy to commit to reach net zero by 2050. This is a historic commitment that will require a level of change like we’ve never seen before. As a society, as organisations, and as individuals – we all need to change fundamentally the way we live, work, and connect.

In KPMG Consulting we work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to help them through this monumental change, and enable them to achieve their net zero targets and build responsible and sustainable businesses. We have a clear strategy, bringing together our deep content expertise and cutting edge technology to get our clients through to outcomes faster, with less risk and at scale. This strategy is underpinned by our multidisciplinary model and unique solutions such as Powered ESG – ready built solutions for measuring and reporting on ESG commitments, such as carbon emissions and the pay gap.

I am incredibly proud that KPMG’s Climate IQ and ESG IQ solutions have been nominated for a number of leading industry awards. As the new reality continues to evolve, we are committed to support companies, financial institutions and the public sector to lead the way, based on principles of responsibility, sustainability, and fairness. We are excited to help our clients navigate the changing landscape, to thrive, and to grow.

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Deal Advisory

It’s a time of uncertainty and change, but also huge opportunity for our clients. Macro drivers, from tech adoption to ESG, are forcing and enabling organisations to adapt their financial, business and operating models. The issues our clients face are complex and wide ranging, and the solutions they seek are more multidisciplinary than ever. Our Deal Advisory business is focused on helping our clients unlock value for their organisations, supporting at every stage of the deal cycle and throughout the transformation journey . We have deep sector expertise across our propositions and I’m proud of the work we do to help our clients transact, transform and grow. Our strong regional and global presence means the support we provide to our clients is not restricted by geographical boundaries.

We are embedding ESG into everything we do, both in how we operate and how we help our clients. We have market-leading ESG capabilities, from Climate Risk & Strategy through to ESG Due Diligence. Whether it’s capital providers examining their lending prospects through an ESG lens, companies adopting the latest regulatory and reporting standards or businesses looking to measure their social impact, we help our clients understand the risks and opportunities of ESG for their business and how this, in turn, will impact value. ESG is only going to become more important in every aspect of business, and we are committed to supporting our clients to lead with purpose, from transaction execution through to business transformation.

Our people are at the heart of our business supporting our clients, and our diverse and highly experienced teams bring together a range of expertise, perspectives and life experiences - all of which add value. I am passionate about seeing our people thrive and I’m proud that we have over 150 learning initiatives and events for our Deal Advisory colleagues to support career growth and progression. These include: learning opportunities within our Deal Advisory Business School; our pilot returner programme for experienced professionals looking to return to work after an extended career break; and our Women in Deal Advisory Insight programme.

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Vicki Heard
Head of Tax and Legal, KPMG in the UK

The tax and legal systems of any country form part of the core social contract between governments and the population. Our tax and legal experts work alongside our advisory teams to ensure clients maximise the benefit of incentives designed to help their businesses thrive whilst at the same time helping them to reduce their exposure to risk and meet their compliance obligations. A particular hot topic is ESG. Tax and legal functions play a critical role in identifying ESG risks and opportunities for business from emerging regulation, to product and service innovation.

Another area of huge opportunity is technology which can be a disrupter as well as an enabler. Tax authorities and regulators across the globe are accelerating their adoption of new technology and use of data, data analytics and data sharing. This has shifted their approach from retrospective form-filling to forward-looking models of compliance. In addition, the tax and legal regulatory landscape continues to become more complex and stakeholders expect greater levels of transparency, further driving the need for accurate, timely data.

We have invested in the depth and breadth of our tax and legal teams, and the technology with which they work. By combining deep expertise with technology, tools and our advisory teams, we help our clients stay compliant and empower their businesses. This helps to build trust in organisations, a fundamental requirement for both business and society.

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We are a purpose-driven firm

We have a fundamental duty to serve the public interest and build trust.

Measuring ESG impact

We’re helping our clients to measure, understand and better communicate their ESG impact, enabling them to build trust with their stakeholders. KPMG’s Economics team supports client organisations to robustly model and report against the drivers of the environmental, economic and societal impacts of their projects, programmes, or whole organisation or sector. The team bring together economists, academics and sector experts from across the KPMG network to provide tailored analysis and advice on multiple impact indicators, including economic output, productivity, fiscal impacts, investment and innovation, community and regeneration effects, health and wellbeing, energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s exciting and reassuring to see how ESG-related issues are now at the heart of clients’ decision making and reporting.  By understanding the impact of what they are doing, organisations can take remedial action to address areas of negative impact and also enhance the positive effects of their activities.

Heather Sharp / Partner, KPMG in the UK

Responsible tax

Today’s tax function is dealing with a rapidly evolving domestic and global business landscape. It must keep up with growing digitisation, increased regulation, possible disruption to tax policy and an evolving ESG agenda. We use deep expertise, technology and tools to help our clients navigate the latest changes and stay compliant.

In line with Our Values, our approach to providing tax services focuses on creating sustainable outcomes that contribute to the overall benefit of society:

Tax policy We provide open and transparent assistance to governments and revenue authorities on how policy proposals can be achieved, whether they are likely to deliver their aims in an effective manner, and what unintended consequences could arise from changes.
Tax advice The advice that we give to clients is governed by our Principles of Tax Advice, which are regularly reviewed to ensure they remain appropriate and reflect the society in which we operate. We will not promote or recommend planning that breaches these principles. Read more: KPMG Tax Strategy
Transparency We believe in an open and transparent relationship between taxpayers, advisers and tax authorities. This mutual trust and respect is needed to ensure the tax system operates properly and appropriately.

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We are investing in ESG

How organisations tackle ESG will determine the talent they attract, the customers they serve, the profits they make and ultimately the impact they have on society. We are accelerating our strategy to deliver world-class expertise and products to support our clients on their ESG journey.

This is a once in a generation chance to accelerate change, and make things right. Play video

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We are embedding ESG into everything we do. From setting stretching commitments on our firm’s impact, to empowering our people to become agents of positive change, right through to the work we do with our clients.

The breadth and depth of our ESG propositions continues to grow. In the UK, we have invested in developing industry-leading technologies such as Climate IQ and ESG IQ. Alongside these we are creating an ESG innovation team to make the best use of technology when supporting our clients’ transition plans.

We recognise that all things ESG cannot be solved through working in silos. The challenges faced by all our clients, in the UK and globally, need collaborative solutions. We have developed key partnerships across a broad range of sectors, including with academia, such as with the University of Cambridge, charity organisations, the UK Government and with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) too, such as the Living Wage Foundation.  We actively participate in various organisations focused on advancing ESG reporting, for example, we are founding members of the working group developing the TNFD (Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures) and are special advisors for the TCFD (Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures).

What some of our ESG leaders say

Climate change is driving one of the biggest economic transformations since the industrial revolution.

Bridget Beals
Co-Head of Climate Risk and Strategy, KPMG in the UK

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60% of all global emissions are within supply chains and supply chain decarbonisation is fundamental to achieving net zero.

Jon Hughes
Sustainable Supply Chain Lead, KPMG in the UK

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Inclusion is the foundation of a sustainable workforce and inclusive organisations are more innovative.

Mina Tezcan
Senior Manager, People Consulting, KPMG in the UK

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Governments have to lead by example, partnerships are critical and there has to be a just transition.

Neil Hewitson
ESG Lead for Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare, KPMG in the UK

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Climate and Ecological Strategy and Action Plan

In early 2022, a Combined Authority engaged KPMG to develop a Climate and Ecological Strategy and Action Plan. Working in partnership with the client, KPMG convened internal experts and eighty other stakeholders to identify strategic objectives, goals, and individual actions. The team employed a range of approaches to assess the readiness, impact and suitability of each action whilst ensuring there was a focus on a just transition and appropriate alignment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The eight-year strategy and plan were agreed at first hearing by the Combined Authority in April 2022, and implementation is underway.

Darren White, who led the work at KPMG, said: It is a real privilege to work on something where the benefits will be delivered quickly for all the people in the local area and where these climate and ecological improvements will have a positive knock-on effect on society.

Greening buildings: constructing a coalition to green UK property Play video How we helped NatWest bring together the Sustainable Homes and Building Coalition to accelerate retrofitting UK’s housing.

ESG will become the watermark that runs throughout our firm

To ensure ESG becomes the watermark running throughout our firm, we are re-evaluting what we do, how we do it and the processes we use.

Using our Carbon Traveller Dashboard to make informed decisions on travel

In support of our own, and our clients’ environmental commitments, we are exploring opportunities to further reduce the emissions caused by our business travel.

We’ve launched a Carbon Traveller Dashboard to help colleagues to view the carbon emissions caused by their business travel. Using data from our travel management company and expenses system, the dashboard records all car, rail and air travel, as well as hotel stays. Colleagues can see how they compare to their peers and use the dashboard for hints, tips and advice on reducing their carbon emissions. Our leaders are also able to access the dashboard to view emissions levels at a business unit level, and use these insights to inform positive behaviour change.

Driving ESG change through KPMG Products

The rate of technology driven transformation in our business is unprecedented. To help us develop an even sharper focus on next generation solutions, and as part of our ongoing investment in areas that matter to clients, in 2022 we launched our new KPMG Products business. KPMG Products brings together our deep functional and industry expertise, and client insights, with our data scientists, technology specialists and alliances to create a portfolio of digital tools and applications. One of our first products is ESG IQ which helps banks, insurers and asset managers gain a deeper understanding of the ESG performance of their assets, based on their own ESG risk appetite.

At Google, we have a strong commitment to sustainability. We are excited to collaborate with KPMG, bringing the best of our cloud capabilities to help develop innovative data and analytics solutions that enable customers and decision makers to assess sustainability impact more consistently with financial impact.

Ashish Majmundar / Director, Global Capital Markets Solutions, Google Cloud

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Shaping innovative solutions through KPMG Ignition

We help our clients to innovate through KPMG Ignition. Our Ignition services bring together global experts, technology, and insight to accelerate transformation in organisations, and wider society too. Our approach supports clients to translate signals, disruptors, and emerging technologies into meaningful strategies, detailed plans, and prototype technical solutions. KPMG Ignition is a new way of working, delivered face-to-face in our bespoke Ignition centres, completely virtually or through a powerful hybrid blend of the two – it is designed to achieve results in a matter of days.

Ignition makes transport more accessible for disabled people

In March 2022, following nearly a year of scoping and consultation work, KPMG ran a hybrid Innovation session with Motability on how to make transport more accessible for disabled people. Using collaborative technologies, the Motability session brought together more than 60 organisations to explore and discuss life-changing solutions which would allow disabled people to travel across road, rail, air, and sea.

The event culminated in the charity’s decision to fund the world’s first Inclusive Transport Evidence Centre, focused exclusively on disability and transport.

‘’Transport can serve as an equaliser in our societies – allowing people with disabilities to access opportunities that have for too long been denied to them due to inaccessibility in our cities and communities. The future of transport is inclusive and accessible and initiatives like this help propel the sector to get there faster.’’

Rachel Bleetman, Future Mobility Team, Infrastructure Advisory Group, KPMG in the UK