A reputation for integrity is crucial to safeguarding market confidence and public trust

Comprehensive business relations become organizations more fragile to fraud risk than ever before.

Growing and complexifying company operations and established elaborative commercial relations make companies fragile to fraud risk than ever before. Hence, fraud risk could lead to financial losses that could not be compensated in the future.

KPMG's fraud investigation services help organizations prevent, detect, and respond to fraud risks and alleged incidents. We can help prioritize efforts in areas where fraud is most likely to occur and where impact is high while mitigating the risk of fraud loss and unethical activity.

An organization’s response to alleged or suspected fraud, misconduct, or other improprieties such as violations of laws, regulations or organization policies can also impact public trust and perception. By working with clients to establish and manage a secure, efficient, and impartial reporting channel, KPMG can help businesses better prepare for the future.

How we can help:

  • Fraud Investigations
  • Forensic Technology Services
  • Cyber Investigations
  • Fraud Risk Assessment 
  • Investment Investigations
  • Data Analysis

KPMG Forensic gives advisory services to their clients regarding investigations of a counterfeit and misleading financial reports, legal breaches, breach of duties, commission allegations, corporate espionage, waste of assets, conflict of interests, supply fraud, information fraud, inappropriate behaviors, and other associated issues.

In the world, interaction between organizations increases exponentially, size and complexity of data make surveillance of financial and operational activities of companies difficult, thus it increases risk of finding possible undetectable frauds. As KPMG Forensic, we help our clients for becoming compliant with regulations or determining risks that could be possible because of any action and interfering these risks.

Revealing the frauds happening in the organizations and specifying related evidence becomes complicated with digitalization. This condition arises because of the storing evidence in e-mail accounts and complicated databases rather than physical materials. Collection and processing of such information by appropriate methods in the manner being evidence have different requirements compared to printed documents. Our experts utilize their state-of-art tech solutions to find out fraud cases by collecting required evidence in accordance with both local or global laws and regulations. We can protect your organizations retroactively and proactively via processing investigations based on related evidence.

Our risk assessment approach provides professional support for detecting fragile fields of companies and considering improvement plans for these fields.

Detecting possible fraud cases and increasing transparency and accounting should be prominent for every organization. Works that will be carried out will lead administration regarding precautions that should be taken to prevent possible frauds as well as detect current faults and frauds in the company. Our objective is to provide support to you in terms of determining and eliminating legal, operational, and financial risks your company may encounter by taking an active role.

AS KPMG Turkey, we provide services regarding protecting parties from possible fraud risks and detecting frauds occurred in many investments with our extensive acknowledge and experience. We are with our clients including but not limited to the sectors below:

  • Construction
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare
  • Media
  • Sports

Examination of digital documents such as e-mails, documents, and PDF files, has a critical role in detecting and preventing possible fraud scenarios since they include critical information about communication between different organizations and companies’ internal actions. Our team collect data from different resources in their projects with our data collection tools to help our clients to understand what the content of their data is by using the cutting-edge technological tools, legal based point of view, and globally confirmed KPMG sources.

Insights and resources

Having undertaken some of the world's largest and most sensitive financial investigations, we know how to help you establish the facts and deal appropriately with potentially damaging and sensitive situations. Our experienced team of forensic professionals leverage a global network and sector specialist knowledge to conduct targeted investigations. We undertake detailed analysis of complex financial information, using technology to improve investigations quality and depth. Our technology-led investigations capability can be deployed on site or remotely as required.

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