Recent events clearly demonstrate how quickly things can change – for countries, cities, organisations, even individuals. Overwhelmingly, the way the world connects has changed. Equally, the way to develop a world-leading strategy has also changed. 

Which is why you need a partner who is unapologetically grounded. Grounded in local data and thought leadership. Grounded in sector and industry nuances. Grounded in the DNA of value creation and performance. That way you can navigate, align and accelerate towards new ambitions and achieve real and lasting change.

KPMG Strategy and Operations team believes that the dynamics between the parameters of value creation, value preservation and innovation need to be constantly renewed in the markets in which we operate. Working with market participants to develop perspectives that challenge conventional thinking, we bring our extensive experience in large-scale corporate transformation, growth models, investment strategies, alignment of operational processes, cost optimization and supply management.

We work with you to create value, drive productivity, and transform your business, at speed and at scale.

KPMG Strategy and Operations

Global reach and local delivery, grounded in value creation.

A delivery team with global reach and experience, coupled with local insight and deep sector expertise. Propositions grounded in value creation, to found success.  We have extensive knowledge across a broad set of industries and propositions that collectively are focused on helping our clients to develop strategies that they can execute with confidence. 

KPMG Global Strategy Group
Global reach and experience.

Local expertise
Local sector insights and experience.

Grounded propositions
Propositions grounded in value creation.

Our delivery approach integrates our global reach, with local insights, grounded propositions and sector depth to deliver a well-balanced strategy.

A strategist you can trust

Our approach is centred around speed to insights, value creation and sustainable change. We’re always collaborative, always on strategy and always well-grounded.
Our approach delivers strategies that are:


Deep analysis which results in insights into your business performance, customers and markets that help synthesise, prioritise and quantify opportunities and validate strategy development.


Harnessing data, digital and innovation to develop strategies designed for execution, enabling you to act fast and accelerate business performance. 

Results driven

With a focus on protecting, unlocking and creating value with strategies that may show a clear return on investment with sustainable EBITDA improvement to fund long term transformative change. 

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Focusing on diverse thinking to challenge norms and accelerate ideation and solution prototyping, collaborative strategies build consensus and align teams around a common approach. 

Strategy and Operations Services

Our experts give you tailored and responsive advice that focuses on your key priorities. Discover how we can support you at every step of your M&A journey.

Growth Strategy

KPMG Strategy and Operations team creates long-term, sustainable growth models for you with growth strategies based on certain foundations.

Market assessment:

— Assessment of market size, market structure, competitive environment, customer analysis, barriers to entry and market needs
— Identifying entry strategies:
— New markets: Profitable entry into new markets in the short term
— New products: Development and commercialization of innovative products
— New customers: New customer acquisition and increase in loyalty
— Profit areas: Accessing new and untapped income and profit


Within the scope of the growth strategy, we assist in the realization of Turquality projects. Turquality is the first and only state-sponsored branding program designed to help companies with product groups in which Turkey has a competitive advantage and which have branding potential to become a global player with their own brands. KPMG Turkey's experienced and dynamic team carries out Strategic Business Plan and Development Roadmap studies, which are the most important components of the Turquality program, by taking advantage of our sincere approach to your brand and KPMG's strong global network.

Improving customer experience

Customer loyalty is hard won and easy lost due to digitalization and rising customer expectations. At KPMG Strategy and Operations, we offer services that can help you achieve profitable and sustainable growth through customer-centric thinking. Example needs around improving the customer experience:

— Customer experience
— Customer strategy
— Marketing
— Multi-channel management
— Product lifecycle management

Corporate transformation

At KPMG Strategy and Operations team, we redefine your existing portfolio, business and operations models and help you transform where and how you win.

— Leadership: Long-term planning to maintain leadership
— Disruption: External factors or stakeholder skepticism and resistance to change
— Realizing potential: Expected synergies or unrealized performance

Operational strategy and cost

At KPMG Strategy and Operations team, we help you achieve success in your chosen market by aligning your operating models with your business and financial models, efficient resource utilization and margin improvements.

•Cost optimization: Understanding cost optimization needs, identifying optimization opportunity areas, developing an activity-based cost base working model to create transparency in effective cost management and establishing the necessary cost model

•Target operational model design: Presenting a holistic operating model solution covering all aspects of the organization under the headings of service model, people, processes, technology, performance insights, and governance, and describing how the organization will achieve its strategic goals through implementation and how it will add value to the working model

Strategic supply management (Procurement)

Together with our clients, we help procurement organizations transform from a traditional support role to a strategic function. We implement complex procurement transformation projects, detailed spend analytics, efficient business processes and tools.
Sample needs within the scope of strategic supply management consultancy:
— Strategic sourcing
— Purchasing organization maturity analysis
— Spend analytics
— Contract management
— Category management
— Procurement cost saving method
— Supplier management
— Real product profitability analysis and product rationalization

Investment strategy

As the KPMG Strategy and Operations team, we help you become more successful by differentiating yourself from your competitors with strategic capital investment choices.

— Meeting the need for the right target, the right price and the right plan in the procurement process
— Making the investment profitable and realizing undiscovered returns when exiting the investment
— Commercial due diligence: Performing the commercial due diligence work required in merger and acquisition processes

Post-merger and post-acquisition integration:

— Understanding the potential for revenue and cost synergies
— Being prepared for the first day of the takeover
— Identifying quick wins
— Defining and addressing the first 100 days after takeover

How KPMG can help

Propositions that evolve and adapt to your needs.

Every business challenge is unique, which is why only bespoke solutions work. KPMG has a long history of delivering transformative thinking. We build strategies from the ground up, focused on driving rapid, sustainable performance improvement.

KPMG strategy consultants bring data-driven, evidence-based, innovative thinking you can trust.

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