Compliance is the commitment to laws and regulations in all countries of operation, policies and procedures set within the company, contractual obligations and voluntary commitments with third parties. In this context, compliance; It is a concept that covers all legal regulations, all administration and employee levels and business processes. 

In a business world that is more frequently audited and open to disputes, where the number of qualified and organized crimes increases; requirements to prevent and detect fraud and other financial crimes and bring companies into compliance with the law; have brought with it the need for robust systems and controls. Failure to identify these risks and respond proactively results in serious financial and reputational losses.

KPMG Forensic uses economic arguments, supported with numbers, to build compelling cases for our firms’ clients in disputes, in negotiations with regulators, and in discussions with antitrust authorities. In addition to our economics experience, our firms draw on a wide range of skills including accounting, knowledge of the regulatory process, and current business environment to produce persuasive arguments supported by the strongest evidence available.

KPMG Forensic helps clients throughout the regulatory compliance lifecycle, from the development of a robust compliance program through investigation, remediation and recovery in instances of misconduct or noncompliance. 

Our experienced team helps companies on local and international regulations on the United States Anti-Bribery and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), UK Bribery and Corruption Laws (UKBA), Anti-Money Laundering (AML):

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
  • Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CTF)
  • International Financial Sanctions
  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption
  • Compliance with Anti-Trust Practices
  • Contract Compliance Services
  • MASAK Compliance Program Services
  • OFAC Compliance Program Services

One of the most important competencies of an effective and qualified compliance program is subject to the third parties with whom it will have commercial business relations to controls to be carried out from a risk point of view.

Our corporate security intelligence service provides a comprehensive review of the business reputation and other risk factors of individuals and legal entities based on information obtained from publicly available sources.

Our team, with the help of its extensive experience in this field; helps its customers to access the information and to help them to take the right step in their commercial decisions and helping with decisions of their customers in valuation practices and asset research.

In this way, it is aimed to intervene proactively against risks such as abuse, bribery and corruption that may arise due to commercial activities and interaction with third parties.

As KPMG Turkey, we provide many services for the purpose of implementing policies and procedures with reasonable controls against the bribery and corruption risk faced by your organization:

  • Preparing the Code of Ethics, Compliance Policy and other policies and procedures that will improve the compliance environment,
  • Evaluating the company, policies and procedures considering local and international regulations,
  • Professional ethics hotline management with local & international framework and multilingual support
  • Carrying out risk assessment studies,
  • Designing and implementing compliance programs

Risks such as corruption, abuse, and bribery can be prevented. Trainings and proactive planning are effective ways to reduce these risks. Our experienced professionals provide the following trainings, which are designed and provided particularly for each business and situation.

  • Business Ethics Principles
  • Preventing bribery and corruption
  • Ethical reporting processes
  • Fraud investigation and interviewing techniques
  • Fraud awareness trainings
  • Ethics and compliance program trainings
  • Awareness trainings on frauds in financial statements

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