In every aspect of business and society, our interconnected world is transforming at a faster pace than ever before. Keeping pace with change starts with fostering strong, innovative partnerships inside your organization, so that you can better serve your entire ecosystem of customers and external stakeholders, at the speed they expect.

As a complex function, Finance is commonly still in the early stages of delivering insights, streamlining operations and driving long-term value. However, that same complexity means it can benefit hugely from new technology and innovation, creating opportunities for Finance to become a true business partner.

To achieve this and lay a solid foundation for the future of your business, now is the time to deploy the strategies, technology, and process changes that will drive your organization forward towards sustainable growth and profitability.

Take advantage of the window of opportunity to look beyond the figures and unlock potential access to:

  • Efficient and streamlined Finance operations
  • Faster, deeper and broader information
  • Predictive and automated planning

We can spark the change you need to make Finance a true partner for your business. Our team is equipped to support your Finance organization on this transformational journey. With our pragmatic and customer-centric approach, we’ll help you drive sustainable growth and profitability, now and for the future.

In today’s complex business environment, finance has to deliver value by proactively supporting the decision-making process and providing in-depth insights into performance, while simultaneously complying with financial and regulatory reporting requirements

A successful, value-adding finance function that achieves an effective translation of strategy to execution can be achieved by following an integrated approach to performance management, to enable:

  • alignment and integration with strategic objectives;
  • increased and more granular insight into key performance metrics and underlying root causes;
  • more accurate and customized plans, budgets and forecasts and working capital management to steer the organization.

Transformation Services

  • Efficient Period Closure and Efficiency of the Finance Function
  • Management Reporting, Budget and Planning Services
  • Consultancy Services Related to Finance and Accounting Module of ERP Applications
  • Accounting and Reporting Support 
  • Financial Integration after M&A
  • Conversion to New Accounting and Reporting Standarts
  • Finance and Finance Functions Process Improvement
  • Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)
  • Zero Based Budgeting Services
  • Loan Staff Services
  • Preparation of the Accounting Guide
  • Preparation for the Capital Markets (Public Offering) 

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CFO Advisory advises private and public clients on financial value creation and optimisation, including major transformation projects and strategic initiatives as well as digitisation and automation of the finance function.

When solving tasks, we work closely with the management of the business, both in terms of strategic prioritisation and operational optimisation. We have an analytical and data-driven approach with a strong focus on new technology, as it ensures the best possible decisions and innovative solutions in the process. Furthermore, our success is measured on how well the solutions are being implemented and knowledge is being rooted in the organisation.

At KPMG Turkey, with our professionals in the field of Financial Management and Reporting Consulting, we provide support to our clients in many local and international companies in order to assist and create added value in areas such as creating efficient finance functions throughout the organization, management reporting, budgeting and planning services.