Dealing with commercial, contractual or personal disputes often means dealing with high stakes. As disputes arise, it is important to gather critical facts, assess the strengths and weaknesses of your position, and develop a plan to settle or prevail. Disputes can involve complex economic, financial and technical issues. They can also involve multiple languages, client locations and applicable laws and standards. In such situations, you need a knowledgeable and expert advisor to find solutions.

KPMG Compliance Consultancy Team  is well-equipped to help you, providing resolution through robust, compelling arguments on the financial, economic and accounting aspects of a case. We can support you in litigation, arbitration, mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution. With a sharp and well-informed insight, we can help to reduce the potential adverse financial, reputational or operational impacts for you.

Our team having expertise in cases associated with disputes and arbitrations, provides complete information they need in the process of resolving financial dispute and help collecting digital evidence, provides expertizing in legal processes, and offers a wide range of solutions from loss assessments to resolution of accounting-finance-based problems for prevention and resolution of commercial disputes.

Solutions we provide within the scope of Commercial Dispute Consultancy:

Based on the client’s organizational structure we identify their gaps in control and continuous monitoring processes related to commercial relationships, and we offer appropriate advice for developing their roadmap to eliminate these deficiencies.

Our services include reviews on royalties, licensing, ethics, and any other commercial terms rising from a contract or commercial relationship, covering the following partners and mainly centers around business activities with third parties listed below:

  • Dealers - Distributors
  • Tenants - Royalty
  • Agency - Franchise
  • Media Agencies
  • Technical Services

We provide unbiased and practical advice to shareholders to avoid litigations. We make sure that we provide our outputs in a way that will improve the mutual trust environment and eliminate the suspicions of the parties against each other, and we take the necessary care to establish an open communication channel between the parties.

In case of shareholder disputes, we provide our services to the parties in court to facilitate settlement or resolution.

We provide professional advice and review to our clients regarding, in the context of litigation and arbitration processes, quantifying the exposure of financial losses, which is supported by accounting-based evidence and determining the amount claimed from the counterparty. This advice and opinions are related to determining profit losses and additional costs incurred due to including but not limited to disputes below:

  • Breach of contract
  • Construction disputes
  • Business interruption
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Portfolio compensation
  • Fire or machinery breakdown

We examine accounting, finance, operations, and calculations of loss with realistic and authoritative approach and we work closely with our clients and their legal representatives in order to support them in terms of handling the issue correctly and developing the right strategy. We support our clients in collecting, processing, and managing electronic and/or document-based evidence. We also provide various examination tools (including advanced concept mapping technology) to help enable a fast and cost-effective examination of relevant material.

We provide advisory services associated with commercial dispute issues having a financial impact and related legal processes by our professionals acting as court expert locally and globally. We also assist with mediation proceedings, helping our clients prepare for a mediation session or act as an independent and impartial mediator ensuring communication between parties and facilitating settlement.

Our approach to fraud investigation involves preparing a strategy for understanding the issue and collating information; gathering and preserving evidence; assisting in fraud reporting and supporting our customers in line with their needs in legal matters. Based on the details and nature of the issue, we use a combination of tools for our investigation. These include forensic data analytics, digital evidence recovery, background checks, public domain searches, market intelligence, document examination and interview of suspects and key witnesses and more different methods and tools. We make sure that our reports are comprehensive and supported with relevant evidence to help the client take action.

Insights and resources

We can provide assistance through every stage of your dispute including investigation assistance, data analysis and e-disclosure. From the outset we provide early assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your case and an appreciation of the key issues. We will provide robust advice and reporting suitable for non-technical audiences and covering all aspects from damages assessment needs to accounting liability in accounting and auditor claims.

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