Issue118: The Cabinet Approved the draft Ministerial Regulation to Support the Issuance of e-Tax Invoice and e-Receipt and Further Extended Tax Relief Measures regarding the Reduction of Transfer and Mortgage Fees for Residential Properties and Debt Restructuring

Issue 117: EU Public CbCR

Issue 116: No More Quarantine for Foreign Nationals Entering by Air

Issue 115: Automatic exchange of information requirements

Issue 114: Changes in visas and quarantine periods for entry into Thailand

Issue 113: New Regulation for Country-by-Country Reporting in Thailand: Are You Ready for Submission Next Year?

Issue 112: Preparing for Changes in the Tax Rebate System: Thailand’s Tax Rebate Coupons Go Digital

Issue 111: New Transfer Pricing Requirements for Information/Documents for Local File

Issue 110: Additional deduction provided for the procurement of COVID-19 antigen test kits

Issue 109: Export Control in Thailand

Issue 108: Recommencing Visa Issuance, Certificates of Entry in Thailand

Issue 107: Withholding tax for payments made via e-withholding tax system further reduced to 2% until end of 2022

Issue 106: COVID-19 Relief Measures – Reduction of VAT, extension of tax filing deadlines and waiver or reduction of penalties (for submissions via internet filing only)

Issue 105: VAT for Electronic Service (“VES”) Portal is Open for Registration

Issue 104: The Revenue Department Releases the Guideline for VAT on Electronic Services

Issue 103: OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework Agreement on BEPS 2.0

Issue 102: Tax Measures to Support Human Resource Development for Industry 4.0 and the Relocation of Production Bases (Thailand Plus Package)

Issue 101: Thailand – COVID-19: Further social security relief measures

Issue 100: Tax Measures to Support the Transfer of Secured Property to Financial Institutions for Debt Repayment

Issue 99: COVID-19 Relief Measures – Extension of monthly tax return filing deadlines and payments

Issue 98: Approval from Thai cabinet for draft ministerial regulation re: temporary deduction of customs duty surcharge on voluntary disclosure cases

Issue 97: Tax Measures to Support the Digital Transformation of SMEs and the Import of Medical Supplies to Treat and Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

Issue 96: Original Quarantine Reinstated, Travel Ban Extended to More Countries

Issue 95: Tax Relief Measures on the Donations to Support the Supply of Vaccines and the Employment of Former Convicts

Issue 94: COVID-19 Relief Measures – Extension of Corporate Income Tax Return Filing Deadlines

Issue 93: Updated COVID-19 Entry and Quarantine Procedures

Issue 92: e-Service Tax Law Enacted to Collect VAT on Electronic Services

Issue 91: COVID-19 Relief Measures – Extension of tax filing deadlines and reduction of land and building tax, house transfer fee, mortgage fee including social security contributions

Issue 90: Amendment of debt thresholds for bad debt write-off

Issue 89: New Transfer Pricing Notification from Thai Revenue Department

Issue 88: Tax measures on R&D support in certain areas, electronic tax system development and the Government’s subsidies, including e-tax filing deadline extension


Issue 87:  Tax Relief Measures for Debt Restructuring

Issue 86: Amendment of Income and Expense Recognition for Financial Businesses

Issue 85: New Transfer Pricing Regulation in Thailand

Issue 84: Fine reduction for late filing of Transfer Pricing Disclosure Form

Issue 83: The Cabinet Approved the Reduction of VAT and Social Security Contributions

Issue 82: COVID-19 Relief Measures – Guidelines for Tax Relief Measures for SMEs Released

Issue 81: 150% Additional Deduction Granted for Investment in New Machinery and Hotel Renovation

Issue 80: Functional Currency Changing Guidelines

Issue 79: Tax measures to promote the relocation of production bases to Thailand (Thailand Plus Package)

Issue 78: Embracing the new normal - Government has unlocked limitations for companies to hold virtual board and shareholder meetings

Issue 77: COVID-19 Relief Measures – monthly tax compliance deadlines further extended for e-filing

Issue 76: Currency conversion and functional currency methods

Issue 75: COVID-19 Relief Measures – a summary of tax relief measures

Issue 74: An online public consultation on the draft CbCR regulation

Issue 73: COVID-19 Relief Measures - guidelines for social security relief measures released

Issue 72: COVID-19 Relief Measures - monthly tax compliance relief further applies to all business operators

Issue 71: COVID-19 Relief Measures - guidelines for monthly tax compliance relief for businesses that are closed due to the order of the authorities

Issue 70: COVID-19 Relief Measures - corporate compliance summary

Issue 69: COVID-19 Relief Measures - guidelines for withholding tax reduction released

Issue 68: E-commerce tax – the Government’s response on the public hearing on the third draft law

Issue 67: Second phase of COVID-19 Relief Measures released

Issue 66: COVID-19 Relief Measures for Thai companies

Issue 65: Proposed e-commerce law – third draft released

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