Automation is a game-changer – one that is set to change the landscape and efficiency levels of front-and-back-office business functions. How can you leverage all that it has to offer, while ensuring that your organization is safe from its inherent risks?


Auto-bots: Roll Out!

Do you have the right automation implementation strategy and framework to ensure a successful roll-out of the technology?
Where will automation work best in your company to achieve the expected return on investment?
How are you managing the inherent risks associated with automating end-to-end processes, such as accounts receivables, supplier onboarding and enablement, and master data management?
Have you identified the financial, cyber security, operational, technical, maintenance and licensing risks, and created the appropriate enterprise-level controls to address these risks?

It’s time to take command

At KPMG, our approach integrates risk considerations throughout the program lifecycle, enabling your digital journey without compromising innovation.

ETR framework

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