Change and optimize your transfer pricing system to accompany changes in your business or revised regulation.

Transfer Pricing system optimization after changes in business model or regulations.

Clients benefit from Stage 2 of KPMG’s TP Lifecycle with the setup of a sustainable transfer pricing system. The planning stage allows you to align the profit attribution resulting from your transfer pricing system with the value contribution of individual entities. The need for planning may be triggered by changes in the business model (e.g. centralization of certain activities), regulatory developments, activities in the M&A area, or the expansion of the group with new entities.

Transfer prices should best support the operational business. At the same time, aspects such as global tax burden, regulatory requirements, compliance, as well as the operational day-to-day management of the transfer prices need to be taken into account.

Your benefits

  • Optimized global tax burden 
  • Protection of reputation
  • Sustainable transfer pricing policies
  • Lower risk costs
  • Lower compliance costs

Our expertise

  • Analysis of your business model from the TP perspective
  • Value Chain Analyses
  • Development of sustainable transfer pricing systems
  • Preparation of benchmark analyses

Transfer pricing has become much more complex in view of the ongoing digitalization, new business models and increasing transparency. Multinational groups need a partner that provides guidance through this complexity. We help to identify risks and opportunities, plan a sustainable and pragmatic transfer pricing system, support compliance, and manage risks arising in tax audits, thus driving value and maintaining reputation.

We understand the needs of our clients and call this continuous and sustainable improvement process “KPMG's TP Lifecycle”.

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