Operational Transfer Pricing Improvements

Operational Transfer Pricing Improvements

We implement your transfer pricing system based on your transfer pricing policies by using appropriate technology.

Operational implementation of your transfer pricing system with appropriate technology.

Clients benefit from Stage 3 of KPMG’s TP Lifecycle with the operational implementation and day-to-day management of their transfer pricing system.

Transfer Pricing policies need to be implemented in ERP systems and prices need to be managed on a day-to-day basis. From a transfer pricing perspective, particular emphasis is put on achieving certain target results in individual group companies. This includes reviewing and defining processes and controls as well as selecting and implementing appropriate technology to automate parts or all of these processes.

Your benefits

  • Effective transfer pricing system implementation
  • Less effort for administration and controls  of target margins
  • Leading technology that supports your processes  in setting and managing transfer prices
  • Professional management of transfer pricing adjustments

Our expertise

  • Evaluate, develop and implement processes needed in the daily management of transfer prices
  • Select and implement appropriate software to automate price adjustments

Transfer pricing has become much more complex in view of the ongoing digitalization, new business models and increasing transparency. Multinational groups need a partner that provides guidance through this complexity. We help to identify risks and opportunities, plan a sustainable and pragmatic transfer pricing system, support compliance, and manage risks arising in tax audits, thus driving value and maintaining reputation.

We understand the needs of our clients and call this continuous and sustainable improvement process “KPMG's TP Lifecycle”.

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