Trade & Customs

Trade & Customs

Services that help companies keep pace with today's complex trade regulations—while making the most of global opportunities.

Keep pace with today's complex trade regulations.

In today’s global business environment, establishing or maintaining cross-border operations remains an enormous challenge.

Your goal is to keep costs down and maintain your company’s strategic and competitive advantage. At the same time, you need to ensure compliance with international regulations and national laws associated with import-export operations. KPMG's goal is to help you do it.

Our Trade & Customs team provides the necessary leadership and practical guidance you need to identify and remedy compliance gaps, anticipate the impact of regulatory changes, make processes more efficient and achieve cost savings.

We’re a team of experienced international trade and customs experts coming from both the private and public sectors. Our experience in various jurisdictions is backed by KPMG’s international network ensuring you benefit from our reliable and comprehensive approach to our Trade & Customs consulting work.

We help you develop:

  • A global trade strategy that takes advantage of import tax benefits and aligns to overall business goals;
  • A compliance infrastructure that meets complex global trade requirements, including local laws and customs regulations;
  • Standardized, automated global trade functions that reduce trade costs and move goods faster, cheaper and with less risk.

Our services are broadly divided in five core areas:

  • Free trade agreements / Rules of Origin management
  • Import / export operations 
  • Exports controls and sanctions
  • Litigation / dispute resolution
  • Global Trade Automation

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