Nowadays, digitalization has become a key factor for efficiency and success. KPMG combines cloud-based software with expert knowledge to offer a range of software-as-a-service solutions: KPMG SaaS.

KPMG will provide you with a secure and tailored digital solution, allowing you to unlock a wide range of business operations enhanced with KPMG expertise. As it's based in the cloud, you can access the solution from anywhere, anytime.

Your benefits

  • Flexible and customized solutions
  • Variety of user-friendly technology
  • Access to data from anywhere and at any time
  • Our single integrated global payroll solution to manage your entire global payroll in ONE platform
  • Our hosted web-based collaboration tool which helps provide overall control and visibility of your compliance and regulatory filings
  • We offer you a tailor-made digital solution, combining best practice and our strong expertise not only in implementing software but also in assisting in other fields such as Accounting & Payroll, Tax and VAT
  • The simultaneous and integrated solution allows you to work autonomously while accessing support when necessary, and enables you to reduce your outsourcing and IT costs
  • You get a committed KPMG team that is ready to respond to your company's needs in an efficient and responsible manner

Our expertise

  • Experts in implementing and managing various fields such as bookkeeping, management accounting, payroll, consolidation, statutory financial statements
  • Dedicated teams with excellent training and experience
  • Flexibility in scaling our support up or down
  • Customized training and advice on ERP functionalities
  • Support with technical questions

Our Payroll & Accounting experts are familiar with complex business environments that require local and international know-how. You reap the benefits of working with multidisciplinary specialists who understand your explicit outsourcing needs and provide efficient, targeted support.

We empower you through digitalization, automation and cloud technology across our outsourcing services. In doing so, we boost your organizational performance.

Your key contacts

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