Reimagining your audit with KPMG Clara

By leveraging leading transformative technologies like robotics, AI and advanced analytics, we are transforming the audit experience for our clients.

It enables us to provide an even higher quality audit by increasing our ability to focus on what matters by using data and the insights it provides.

We have a well-established culture of innovation that is underpinned by two key factors: a relentless focus on the right values and investing in transformational technologies through strategic alliances.

KPMG Clara – our global audit platform

KPMG Clara uses innovative technology to empower our people to deliver rock-solid audit quality.

Bringing data analytics, collaboration and our global audit workflow together into a single global audit platform helps our clients make better decisions.

We are the first of the Big Four to take its global audit platform, KPMG Clara, to the cloud with Microsoft Azure.


  • Greater transparency with 24/7 access to your audit status
  • Value from our transformative capabilities
  • Globally consistent execution
  • Real-time collaboration and interaction with your KPMG team
  • Efficient, insight-driven operations
  • More meaningful engagement with your audit team

Harnessing the latest in emerging technologies

As technology changes, so too does our approach to your audit. We dare to be a technology- and innovation-centric organization that delivers digitally enabled audits.

This approach ensures our audits are future-proofed, of the highest quality and bring new perspectives to our clients.

Our technology philosophy

  1. Our technology will always serve a purpose by either bringing you new perspectives, enhancing audit quality or streamlining our audit efforts.
  2. We work smarter, not harder, leveraging our global inventory of the latest in audit technologies.
  3. We work with your teams to mobilize the right tools and technologies but only at the right time for your organization. 

Continually evolving to bring you the right blend of solutions and human insight

Our technology-driven audit approach

Our auditors are data scientists as well as accountants, who know

  • when to deploy which solution
  • how to deal with complexity
  • how to get the best and most efficient audit evidence and
  • how to apply the right judgements

This enables us to customize our approach to fit your business, ensuring our audit technology isn’t disruptive. 

Delivered by KPMG Clara

In short, we’ve rebuilt our audit approach to put technology at its heart and innovation throughout – but always blending human insight with the latest technological advances to give you the best of both worlds

Delivered by KPMG Clara, the result is an audit that is fit for the future, applied consistently around the world and provides the most robust assurance possible.

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