Permanently available data and increasingly mobile and remote access to confidential information both pose risks to companies. Targeted electronic attacks on information systems by both external and internal perpetrators as well as cases of fraudulent activity regularly make the headlines. The companies affected need to locate, secure and analyze relevant data quickly.

KPMG Forensic meets these requirements with state-of-the-art forensic technology (machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data visualization) and an interdisciplinary team of IT specialists, investigators, auditors and lawyers.

KPMG's expertise

  • e-Discovery in order to locate relevant documents and information
  • Forensically sound and defensible preservation, collection and analysis of data from conventional and novel digital storage media and devices
  • An array of technology-assisted solutions for (semi-) automated evaluation of datasets using forensic data analysis
  • Data hosting in the Swiss KPMG Data Center in Zurich (FINMA compliant)
  • Incident Response Services in the event of a cyber attack

Client issues

  • Data theft, loss or breach
  • Investigations related to disputes, regulatory or internal reviews where a high amount of information must be analyzed quickly and efficiently
  • Suspicion of fraudulent transactions, anomalies in financial data and other possible misappropriation of funds that require advanced forensic data analysis
  • Cyber incidents, such as ransomware attacks, spear phishing, etc.

Our approach

  • Identification of evidence: We identify the business areas, systems and sources where relevant electronic clues and evidence can be found. We cover all available data storage media.
  • Preservation of evidence: We secure all evidence in order to preserve its integrity and map the digital footprint for admission as evidence to court standards. This can be carried out either remotely from our forensic laboratory as well as directly at our clients’ premises.
  • Analysis of evidence: Using a combination of powerful market-leading and custom-developed systems and tools, we analyze the secured data in our laboratory according to case-specific requirements. Sometimes, we already perform an initial analysis on site.
  • Presentation of evidence: Discovered evidence is transformed in accordance with any formal legal requirements for presentation to court standards.

How we have helped our clients

Client challenge


An insurance broker, suspected a former employee of collecting relevant client files, data, and other information during the course of his employment. Furthermore, the client had reason to believe that the employee secretly collaborated with a competing broker and systematically approached clients in order to lure them away.

KPMG response


KPMG’s Forensic Technology team was entrusted to identify and collect digital forensic evidence and could confirm that the employee leaked information and thereby infringed confidentiality provisions. On the basis of the discovered evidence, legal proceedings were initiated.

Benefits to client


  • Guidance and consulting in crisis management during the initial stages of an investigation.
  • Experienced professionals in Forensic Technology covering a wide range of areas of expertise (Digital Forensics, E-Discovery, Forensic Data Analytics, Cyber Incident Investigation).
  • Tools enable us to analyze structured and unstructured data efficiently and cost-effectively at highest quality standards in order to provide the necessary evidence and information.
  • We manage conventional, legacy and new media types, including smartphones, tablets, and social media.
  • Our mobile appliances provide the possibility to perform all data processing and analysis at your premises.
  • Secure data center hosting facilities in Switzerland with the latest, state-of-the-art technology.

Main sectors & clients

Our clients come from all industries, such as financial services, government & public sector, energy & construction, technology & manufacturing, transportation, pharma & life sciences, not-for-profit organizations, consumer goods & retail, as well as law firms.

Why KPMG Forensic?

We have a specialized and diverse team that has worked on numerous projects throughout the years. It is equipped with a sophisticated infrastructure and the latest, state-of-the-art technologies – such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or Technology Assisted Review.

We are supported by over 40 accredited Forensic practices worldwide, giving us leverage if the complexity and nature of a case requires a multidisciplinary, extraterritorial approach. The coordination is carried out discreetly by your personal contact according to your needs.