Accounting considerations in the current environment

Since March 2020 our lives have been significantly impacted by COVID-19. Despite our gradual return to some kind of normality, the effects of COVID-19 and state and private countermeasures are not over yet. Companies are affected in very different ways which can lead to different accounting issues. Our blog shows that even companies whose situation has improved need to think about a number of questions and accounting issues that come with the improvement.

Our updated talkbook will help you to identify areas that need special attention:

The talkbook is complemented by our FAQ which provides insights for IFRS, Swiss GAAP FER and Swiss Code of Obligations:

Please get in touch in case of questions.

Key contacts

Daniel Haas
Partner, Head of Accounting Advisory Services Corporates
+41 58 249 33 82
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Reto Eberle
Partner, Member of the Department of Professional Practice
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Silvan Loser
Partner, Head of DPP Swiss Accounting
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Frank Richter
Partner, Head of DPP IFRS
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