The automotive industry is currently facing intense pressure to transform. This calls for far-reaching efforts, but also unlocks numerous opportunities. For the past few years, manufacturers, suppliers and dealers have been busy readying themselves for the emerging changes along the technology trends of e-mobility, autonomous driving and connectivity. 

Factors accelerating these processes include evolving environmental awareness, changing customer needs and new competitors from the tech sector. Additional challenges have been added to this in recent months, such as supply bottlenecks, high energy prices and rising interest rates.

If the automotive industry is to be made fit for the future, it must anticipate such trends early on and use innovative product and service solutions to respond to them. The key to enabling sustainable mobility is to pioneer new powertrains and electrification of the fleet, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), and eco-friendly processes and production methods. 

We are familiar with the challenges facing the automotive industry and provide you with comprehensive support based on our expertise and practical experience in implementing optimized processes, more efficient supply chains, new technologies, regulatory requirements and sustainability reports. 

Our clients benefit from our multidisciplinary approach, which blends the expertise of our auditing, tax and management consulting departments with the know-how of our sector specialists. In collaboration with our global automotive sector team with over 4,000 experts, we offer our clients solutions for every stage of the value chain.

Find out how we can support you with the following solutions

  • Corporate transactions (purchase and sale)
  • Issues related to accounting, financing, investments and taxes in the national and international environment 
  • Tax services (e.g. VAT, customs law, transfer pricing documentation, benchmarking analyses)
  • Financial audits, treasury and accounting advisory services
  • Restructuring and cost control 
  • Introduction of efficient processes / process optimization
  • Development of security models for the entire IT lifecycle and support in setting up IT security 
  • Support of data & analytics, intelligent automation, artificial intelligence and other data-driven technologies
  • Review of sustainability information and reports in the automotive industry
  • Global Mobility Services (e.g., international employee deployment)

KPMG Global Automotive Executive Survey 2022 (23rd edition)

Even though last year’s euphoria has dissipated somewhat, the automotive industry still remains largely optimistic regarding a profitable growth. However, 76% of the surveyed organizations expect the prevailing economic environment to negatively impact their business model in 2023.

In the course of our global study, we have surveyed over 900 executives in the automotive industry and adjacent industries (manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and mobility services providers). Our study will give you an insight into how the automotive industry views the future of alternative powertrains, which technologies, customer needs and regulations companies get ready for, and which business models are considered promising. 

Top findings from the latest automotive study: 

  • Reshoring and carve-outs as relevant strategies
  • Electric vehicles closing the gap on cost disadvantages
  • New market players gaining influence
  • Insurance as growth market and subscriptions with potential
  • Compliance with emissions regulations and ESG legislation as a major challenge
  • Majority of new car purchases to be made online by 2030
  • Cost and complexity of tariffs and trade regulations significantly on the rise

Interview with Roman Wenk in the SonntagsBlick newspaper, April 2023

CEOs of automakers are more optimistic than they were last year: Some 83 percent of respondents expect the auto industry to return to profitable growth in the next five years.

This optimism also applies to Switzerland. In an interview with SonntagsBlick, Roman Wenk comments on important insights offered by KPMG’s auto industry study entitled "Global Automotive Executive Survey".

In an interview with SonntagsBlick, Roman Wenk describes which area of the automotive sector is expected to experience the greatest upheaval.

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