Dare to do

KPMG is for those who dare to do. Our courage tells us when to stand by our convictions, and when to move on. We’re the sum of our people who come together as equals.

What we live by

In today’s culture of choice, it’s important to be true to yourself. To thrive, you need your talents, develop your skills, make bold decisions and seek purpose in your work. Get a feel for who we are and what life at KPMG is all about.

  • Do work that matters

    Every day, in ways big and small, you make a meaningful and positive difference for clients, people and the communities we serve. Help create opportunity in a world of increasing complexity.

    Do work that matters
  • Come as you are

    Your unique experiences and perspectives belong here. Both individually and as a team, you will understand and value the differences that lead to stronger insights and innovation.

    Come as you are
  • Thrive with us

    Build relationships with colleagues who take care of each other. You will have the KPMG community at your side, providing the support you need to be at your best and create opportunities for yourself and others.

    Thrive with us
  • Learn for a lifetime

    Grow your own way in an environment where learning is continuous. Feed your curiosity, work with the best on emerging practices and technologies, and gain an advantage for life.

    Learn for a lifetime
  • Make your mark

    Your aspirations and initiative make KPMG better. Wherever you work, be recognized for the impact you make, the leadership you show, and the success you create with others.

    Make your mark

Falk Heger

Manager Cyber & Digital Risk

"Very early on I began asking for more responsibility, even though it meant constantly moving outside my comfort zone and brought a lot of additional work. But it was worth it. My team leaders were behind me all the way and gave me the responsibility that I asked for."

Michael Grubisic

Senior Manager Audit Corporates Assurance Technology Group

"We work in a very international environment, both internally across our various member firms as well as with our clients. In any presentation, or team meeting, it is important to adapt to local cultures and individuals. I have been able to adapt and effectively presented to senior management and very different cultures. Even though sometimes it can be overwhelming, it was always rewarding afterwards."

Hanna Kruse

Senior Manager Audit

"I was fully transparent that participating in an international assignment was a goal of mine. The first time I tried for an opportunity I was turned down, but I did not give up. I took the time to continue to build myself and when a second opportunity presented itself, I was ready."

Our purpose

We inspire Confidence. We empower Change. We dare to do.

My personal "dare to" moment: Stefan

Our CEO Stefan Pfister reveals his personal “dare to” moments: “It means daring to seize every opportunity to take on new and additional responsibilities within our firm.”

My personal "dare to" moment: Hélène

Our Chairwoman of the Board of Directors Hélène Béguin shares her personal “dare to” moments: “When faced with a decision, instead of weighing up all the pros and cons, I try to listen to my instinct.”

Health & Wellbeing

We take great care of the health and wellbeing of our people to ensure they can reach their full potential and thrive with us.

People & Culture

At KPMG, we value a culture in which our staff are able to develop to their full potential. KPMG values and promotes an inclusive, diverse corporate culture.


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