Using tax topics to benefit business

With KPMG’s Value Chain Analysis (VCA) companies can kill two birds with one stone: The unique method facilitates tax optimization while also tackling business issues. KPMG developed the approach in the wake of new tax transparency requirements such as BEPS, CTR III and regulatory topics. The new rules require tax to be paid where value creation occurs.

KPMG analyzes companies in the context of their specific industry, taking a qualitative view to deliver quantifiable results that give a clear and coherent picture of a company's optimization potential. Management receives information that is not only helpful for tax optimization but also provides insights into addressing business issues.


KPMG’s expertise

  • Multidisciplinary approach to tax and management consulting
  • Qualitative Value Chain Analysis with quantifiable deliverables
  • Increased transparency in terms of costs, processes and quality
  • Integrated method for tackling tax and business issues
  • Results that can be used in legal disputes

Key contacts

Stefan Kuhn, Partner, Head of Tax & Legal, Member of the Executive Committee
Mischa Sollberger, Director, Global Transfer Pricing Services