Achim Wolper

Partner, Global Client Lead Partner, Sector Head Industrial Manufacturing, Audit Corporates

KPMG Switzerland

Achim Wolper is a Partner in Audit Corporates and Sector Head Industrial Manufacturing. He has extensive experience as a Lead Partner for global group audits under US GAAP and IFRS, mainly multinational public entities including SEC registrants. 

Achim focuses on global audits of technology and manufacturing conglomerates and has acquired significant expertise in automation and centralization of global audits. Before joining KPMG Switzerland in April of 2023, he spent half of his professional career each in the US and Germany, having worked for KPMG in St. Louis/USA, Munich and Berlin, as well as in New York.

Achim is one of KPMG’s most experienced Global Audit Lead Partners. His clients value his proactive approach, collaborative communication style and extensive network.

  1. Education and Qualifications
    Certified Public Accountant (Germany), Certified Public Accountant (USA), Licensed audit expert (Switzerland)