Kurt Stocker

Kurt Stocker

Partner, Audit

KPMG Switzerland

After joining KPMG in Zurich in 1990, Kurt Stocker took over the audit function in St. Gallen in 1999. During seven years, till 2011, he was responsible for KPMG’s National Market initiative. Besides serving listed companies, he is focused on medium-sized Swiss entities with a national and international footprint as well as on family offices, in particular in real estate and industry. In addition to his profound knowledge of the accounting standards IFRS and Swiss GAAP FER, Kurt has experience in the areas of consolidation and capital market transactions. He has experience in Due Diligence and Valuation in connection with acquisitions. As a local lead partner Kurt is also the “Family Doctor” for all issues of his customers in the region Eastern Switzerland.

  1. Education and Qualifications
    Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BBA), Zurich, Swiss certified public accountant
  2. Accreditations
    Accredited IFRS Accountant, Accredited Swiss GAAP FER Accountant, Licensed Audit Expert in Switzerland