Artem Chumakov

Partner, Head of US Accounting and Reporting Group

KPMG Switzerland

Artem specializes in US GAAP, IFRS and capital market transactions. His extensive experience in conducting integrated and financial statement audits of public and private companies has earned the trust of countless clients. Since 2018 Artem has been heading the U.S. Accounting and Reporting Group (USARG) in Zurich, overseeing a large and diverse team of professionals. As Head of USARG, he has operational responsibility for all US accounting and auditing engagements in Switzerland.

Artem has broad industry experience, including in Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Aerospace, Transportation, Defense and Consumer Services. Artem has a strong knowledge of generally accepted accounting and auditing standards, both in the U.S. and internationally, giving him the background needed to work successfully with internal and external compliance inspectors, other auditors and regulators.

  1. Education and Qualifications
    BS in Accounting and Business Administration, Indiana University South Bend, USA, Certified Public Accountant, State of Illinois
  2. Accreditations
    IFRS and US GAAP Accreditation